Download Cydia iOS 13.5 Alternative Jailbreak Apps

Cydia iOS 13.5 jailbreak app alternatives for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 13.5 is already out there for public and Apple is busy testing iOS 13.5 right now for iPhone X and other devices that run on iOS platform to provide them better features, security and performances.

Jailbreak teams once again failed to update their repo with iOS 13.5 jailbreak. If you’ve ever used Cydia on your iPhone, you are most probably thinking when it would be available for iOS 13.5. Various teams are updating their list of tools for older firmware but none of them are working on new firmware or for 64 bit iPhone 8 jailbreak or i7.

Today, I’m here to share some Cydia iOS alternatives with you for iOS 13.5 and other firmware. When we don’t have Cydia to install our favorite game emulators and other tweaks, its time to move on apps that would act like jailbreak app store.

Download Cydia Alternative

You may have heard about many alternatives such as xCydia, Cyrus installer, Tutu App and vShare. Today, we’d talk about these alternatives in short notes.

xCydia iOS 13.5

This is truly the best alternative to Cydia if you’re considering Cydia clone. You’d get the same user interface, options and options. However, xCydia won’t give you a range of tweaks that you were getting from original jailbreak app store.

Cyrus installer 11.0.3

The newest installer released with the name of Cyrus Installer. Again, this is the newest app of it’s kind so may have bugs, missing features and short of categories. Still you may find a good range of game emulators, apps and other Cydia hacks.

Tutu App iOS 13.5

TutuApp is actually not a Cydia alternative, however, it fills the gap. The app offers many new games, apps and Pokemon Go hacks. Recently, it got a great popularity among the users who can’t jailbreak their iPhone.

vShare iOS 13.5

The last one is vShare iOS 13.5. This is also not truly alternative to the native app, however like Tutu App, vShare is also a great option in absence of Cydia 11.0.3. As vShare also a free option available, you can try it for sure.

At last, if you’re missing Cydia too much, then you can use HipStore, Kuaiyong, 25PP and iNoCydia in absence of jailbreak store.