How to Delete SnapChat Account, SnapChat++

Do you want to delete SnapChat account? Here are the steps…

Here are many users who want to Delete SnapChat account, but don’t know how to deactivate this account when they don’t need it any more.

It’s really interesting and tricky game to delete SnapChat account because it needs to be deactivate before deletion. Here are some detailed steps which can clear all your doubt and forward you to the right steps in order to deactivate and delete your SnapChat app account.

Note that these steps would teach you how to permanently delete SnapChat account forever. However, you can create SnapChat account again too.

How to Delete Snapchat Account

Here I’m gonna show you the steps to remove your SnapChat account forever. Follow me…

  1. You can use any web tool to access SnapChat website but I’d recommend Safari browser if you’re having iPhone and Google Chrome if you’re on Android operating system.
  2. Now, head to
  3. You must login to access your SnapChat account data, the account which you want to delete.
  4. There you’d found a big yellow button that says “Delete My Account”.
  5. There you must fill the credentials for the SnapChat account which you want to remove forever.
  6. Then, tap on “Continue” where you’d see “Account Deactivated” page.


Note: Your account would be deactivated for 30 days and after this period your SnapChat account would be deleted. You can reactivate and restore SnapChat account data any time during this 30 days time period.

Note that you can’t delete SnapChat account instantly, so be patient for 30 days and after that your social media account would be deleted.

Try SnapChat++ tweak and you’d forget about deleting SnapChat account.

Within this time, you can uninstall SnapChat app anytime you want and there’s no restrictions or waiting time available.

If you’ve any doubt or confusion, you can leave a single comment asking help for delete SnapChat account.