How to Remove/Delete/Restore Default Apps from iOS 11.1.2 Running on iPhone, iPad

How to Delete Apps iOS 11.1.2 using iPhone 7…

The users who wanna uninstall or remove stock iPhone apps from iOS, you can do so using iOS 11.1.2. Latest version of iOS brings that feature for you if your device is compatible for iOS 11.1.2.

There would be bunch of apps out there on your iPhone which actually you don’t like. Suppose you like Google Gmail, stock mail app is useless for you. The same way there are bunch of apps out there which you may wanna delete.

In short you can delete default apps from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 11.1.2. In my case, I’ve deleted contacts app too. Actually, I use phone app to manage contacts so that I’ve deleted contact app from my iPhone. Anyway, you can uninstall whatever app you want.

There are bunch of options available in apps to remove such as Videos, Mail, iBooks, Podcasts, Compass, Apple Watch, Maps or Music app. So, you can delete all of these apps or just the apps which is useless for you.

And don’t worry about future because if you would change your mind for any particular app or all apps to install on your iPhone again, you can easily install them without any issue from Apple app store.

Yeah, it’s completely possible to restore apps from Apple app store. Suppose, you deleted mail app because you’re using Gmail but in future you wanna restore mail app too, then you have to head to Apple App store and search mail application from search option. From the result, tap on Mail app and tap on Restore, that’s it.

How to Delete Default Apps using iPhone

So below are the steps which you need to follow in order to uninstall, delete or remove apps from iPhone…

  1. First decide which app you wanna remove and then access your home screen.
  2. Scroll down different home screen pages and find out the apps which you wanna delete.
  3. Tap on each of apps which you wanna remove from your iPhone but one by one and tap on X button given on the app icon.
  4. Once you tap on that X button, system would ask you to confirm, just tap on Remove button to successfully delete app from iOS 11.1.2.

The apps which you’ve removed following above steps can be restore easily via App Store until then those apps would be disappear from your iPhone.

Please note some of the default apps won’t removed from your iPhone in which iPhone phone app, camera, settings, iMessage and couple of other apps are exist.

These apps are protected due to accessibility issues. To know all those apps which can be removed, you just try yourself by taping and holding that icon which app you wanna delete and X button would be appear. Suppose that X button is not appearing, it means that app won’t be removed.

If you’ve any question or query or confusion about above article regarding delete apps, you can leave comments below…


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    You don’t know shit. Touch and hold for one second and the “x” will show. “Tap” opens the app. You’re such an expert!

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