Top 11 Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iPhone X

After jailbreaking, your first step would be adding couple of Cydia sources to the jailbreak app store and downloading cracked apps.

So, you’ve recently jailbroken your iPhone or iPad and wanna install some great Cydia tweaks and top jailbreak apps. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you and guide you to choose the best Cydia repo for your jailbroken device.

Look, you might have noticed couple of default repositories listed on directory of repositories. I’d talk about two of them which are really worth to have on any jailbroken device.

BigBoss: BigBoss is really a Boss of all Cydia repos listed or not listed on appstore. One out of two jailbreak apps are hosted on BigBoss repo. So, if you wanna download free apps without paying anything, you need to check up BigBoss repo regularly.

ModMyi: The second most favorite repo source is ModMyi. I always download couple of best Cydia tweaks such as IntelliScreenX, IntelliID, MyWi and other great tweaks using ModMyi repo source. If you’ve recently jailbroken your device, I would suggest you to use ModMyi repository to get your favorite apps for free.

ZodTTD: Its popular for the theme section. ZodTTD contains large number of best Winterboard themes. The theme developers use ZodTTD repo source to host their themes whether it is Winterboard theme or Dreamboard theme. So, I would suggest you to download cool themes from ZodTTD repository if you’re theme lover.

HackulOus Repo: Hackulous is one of the famous jailbreak app source. You might have heard about Install0us, AppulOus and AppTrackr which is developed and hosted by Hackulous. But, unfortunately its not working now. The hosting of that repo is now shut down due to hosting outage.

iPhoneCake Repo: After HackulOus, iPhoneCake is the best repo that delivered many great jailbreak apps such as AppCake, iPAStore and other jailbreak apps. AppCake and iPAStore are the jailbreak app store that can be install after adding iPhoneCake repo source. You can download many cracked apps for free using AppCake and iPAStore.

AppVV Source: Many users have downloaded and installed MovieBox, PlayBox and ShowBox using vShare that was hosted by AppVV. Yeah, vShare is created by AppVV repository. The developer has created separate domain name to host couple of apps related to vShare on new domain. But, the main repo source is AppVV.

25PP Repo: Do you heard about PP Jailbreak iOS 13.5 for Mac? Its developed by 25PP team. Yeah, the team created many projects under the brand name of 25PP. If you wanna download cracked apps, then 25PP is the best Cydia source for you.

AppAddict Repo: After adding AppAddict source, user can download and install free apps without jailbreak. AppAddict is online and 100% free.

The first three Cydia repos are added by default on Cydia directory. So, don’t remove them at any cost. Just add one of other repo sources based on your needs. All other Cydia sources are equally good and has numerous jailbreak apps in each repo sources.


  1. Most of the Cydia sources which you’ve listed in the above list are available as free without jailbreak on Mojo Installer. I won’t add the link of Mojo here but the app is free from Jailbreak and you can download AppAddict, Kuaiyong, HipStore and many great apps without jailbreak. You don’t need Cydia repos, but you can add your own repo source there.

  2. thanks for the list…
    although you lost me with: “AppAddict Repo: After adding AppAddict source, user can download and
    install free apps without jailbreak. AppAddict is online and 13.50% free.”
    because… you have to have cydia to add a repo of cydia’s… and the only way to have cydia is to have a jailbroken device… so… … cydia + adding repo = must be jailbroken :/

    1. keep calm and jailbreak your Idevice .

    2. There’re many good repo sources available better than appaddict

    3. Yeah so that I’m recommending you to use PanGu iOS 13.5 jailbreak tool which is so great that available in English version for Mac and Linux along with regular of Windows operating system. Look, if you’re willing to add any Cydia source or repos, you need jailbroken device. Yeah, there are other options available also that allow user to add Cydia Sources without jailbreak. Trust me and try Mojo Installer that comes with four best Cydia sources and allows user to add more sources with that.

      You can try iPAWind iOS 13.5 too which also permit you to include your favorite Cydia sources to your iPhone without jailbreak. iNoCydia is also one of the top destination to reinstall Cydia sources as well.

      But, the best option is Cydia and jailbreak itself in the first place. And AppAddict repo is best for jailbroken device such as iOS 13.5 to download best Cydia apps from that repo source.


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