How to Change Nickname on Pokemon Go

How to change name for Pokemon Go on iPhone…

Peoples are crazy about the new game released in almost every countries which is known as Pokemon Go. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re really a strict guy who don’t love games at all.

Anyway, changing a name of your trainer in Pokemon Go is really easy. Today, I’m gonna show you some simple steps by following you can also change the nickname of your trainer in Pokemon Go.

Unlike other jailbreak hacks that can allow you to go anywhere on Pokemon Go or tap to get fruits and nuts, this method is quite easy and doesn’t require you to use any Pokemon Go hacks.

The new version of Pokemon Go is quite customized and flexible to change many things quite easily. Users can download Pokemon Go iOS 11.1.2 on their iPhone or iPad for completely free of cost.

How to Change Trainer Nickname in Pokémon Go

So here are those steps which can be followed to change name of your trainer in Pokemon Go…

  1. First of all, you need to be connected through Internet so turn on WiFi or connect your Mobile data to use.
  2. Once you’re connected with the WiFi or internet, open Pokemon Go on your iPhone.
  3. You’d notice Poke Ball  on the screen at bottom area, tap on that.
  4. The second thing you need to tap on Settings which can be found at right hand top corner on Pokemon Go interface.
  5. You’d notice the option for changing nickname, tap on it.
  6. Change your trainer name and press okay.


Top Pokemon Go Hacks:

I said Pokemon Go is highly customized game and you can change or customized many things on Pokemon Go. If you want to learn these things, you can comment below or search on our blog for more Cydia hacks for Pokemon Go In app purchases.


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