How to Change an iPhone 14 Name

iPhone name isn’t important to change, but while doing some task or to show our personality if you change iPhone name according to your choice, it is always good and nothing bad.

All new iPhone 14 comes with a default name and it will be without a model number or generation in most cases. This is the name using which you’ll identify your device while connecting to various services including Universal Control, Bluetooth, Find My and AirDrop. There’s many more occation where this iPhone name will come handy to you.

There’s another reason to change the name of your iPhone is, if you’ve multiple iPhones in your family, then choosing different names for different iPhone really helps to find and categorized your device.

Personally, my wife, I and my son have an iPhone 13 Pro for now. Fortunately, my wife has a pink colour, I’ve white and my son has black colour model. Thus, we never find difficulties finding our phones. But, in your case, this might be different.

There’s another logical reason. Keeping our phone name different helps us to connect HotSpot, BlueTooth and AirDrop features effectively. While taking and restoring iCloud data and for many things, if you have a personalized name for your iPhone, it will help you in productivity.

How do you change the name of the iPhone?

Follow some very basic and simple steps given below…

  • Access Settings
  • Open General section
  • Go to About settings
  • Once tap on the name of your iPhone
  • Make the appropriate changes to name


Your change isn’t permanent, you can change the name according to your choice even later or once again after making adjustments once. So, never feel hasitate to make changes to them.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it and if you’ve any problem, come and comment below to get a quick fix.

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