How to Download YouTube Videos Using CerCube YouTube Downloader Cydia Tweak

CerCube Cydia tweak allows jailbreak users to download YouTube videos for free

I’ve found many users requesting download of YouTube videos and even me also searched a lot before jailbreaking my iPhone to download YouTube videos on my iPhone. Why it is so hard to download YouTube videos!

Anyways, if you’ve jailbroken device, you’ve an option to get YouTube video downloader from Cydia app store. A newly released Cydia tweak which is known as CerCube iOS 13.5 that allows user to download videos from YouTube and saves those videos to your iPhone hard drive so that after upgrade or downgrade, you can enjoy those downloaded videos unlikely from other video downloader.

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CerCube Cydia tweak is a paid one which you can purchased from Cydia app store. The repo source is BigBoss and the developer is Majd Alfhaily. Yeah, the tweak, CerCube is pricey. But, worth to download YouTube videos easily using this paid tweak.

Quick Tip

There is also an option to download CerCube for free, but this way the developer don’t get anything reward from you and it would be bad for further new development. Anyways, you can add HackYouriPhone repo on your Cydia sources directory and download CerCube for free. The version that you would download from HYI repo is cracked and you don’t need to pay anything for that.

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  1. Can we play YouTUbe videos in the background using Cercube? Please mention the process playing videos in the background.

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