CallBar iOS 11.1.2: Brings the Best Calling Functions on jailbreak device

CallBar Cydia tweak for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone…

iOS 11.1.2 has cool user interface (UI), but still it misses some core calling features that CallBar tweak brings.

Thanks to the developers who have upgraded the tweak for most current and updated jailbreak release. Now, CallBar works on iPhone 7 to iPhone SE without any issue.

You know that once you picked up any call, you’d be redirected to phone app and everything remaining which is happening or all the tasks would be go in the background until you tap on home button and then multitasking to bring that app in the first place. It’s very annoying, n?

CallBar iOS 11.1.2 app brings option to pick any call without any compromise with current active app and your whole calling conversation would be handled in the background without disturbing you anyway.

We’re sure that sometimes in the future Apple would bring CallBar app like features on their stock iPhone app. I’ve attached CallBar tweak demonstration video that can be handy for you to look forward.

CallBar is updated to iOS 11.1.2, however according to developers that iOS 11.1.2 compatible tweak doesn’t have any new feature, but you can enjoy all features that you’re enjoying in the previous tweak version on previous jailbreak device.

One more thing that should be noted that some devices such as iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t support CallBar at full swing. So, please check all compatible devices before purchasing or installing it on your iPhone or iPad.

The good thing is, CallBar also works with the combination of FaceTime calls. It means, you can attend FaceTime calls like Call Bar Style. So, it looks cool and convenient to handle all the calls same way.

One weak point for CallBar iOS 11.1.2 is, its paid tweak and you have to purchase in order to try your hands on this tweak. BigBoss may charge $3.99 for one time installation while upgrade is also chargeable.

Below is the video demo which may convince you to purchase this beautiful Cydia tweak for calling…

If you’ve any query or confusion, you can comment below and we’d be more than happy to fix your issue. Please comment regarding CallBar for any query you’ve.

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  1. dwayne anderson says:

    I’m a paid customer and have been using your product for a long time.
    I cant figure out the easiest method to ignore/send to VM a call that is coming in when you are currently on a call.

    Please help with this.

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