How to Bypass iCloud Activation Password

Download DoulCi Activator to bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone, iPad…

Thanks to PanGu jailbreak and DoulCi team who have released their respectively tools for iPhone and iPad that helping them to recover iPhone by unlock iCloud Activation lock.

It’s pretty common for any iPhone user whose iPhone or iPad is iCloud locked and he wanna access important data by bypass iCloud activation lock. In such situations official iCloud activation method can really help them out.

If you’re one of the user whose iPhone is locked on iCloud or simply you’ve purchased used or refurbished iPhone whose iPhone is locked on iCloud, you’re victim of Apple who can’t help you to bypass iCloud activation anyway.

You should know that there are couple iCloud activation removal services available on the web that can remove iCloud activation lock and unlock your iPhone by bypassing iCloud passcode.

Remove iCloud Activation Passcode

You may have heard about DoulCi. It’s the tool which is now officially out with DoulCi activator for iOS 11.1.2 and previous firmware which can be performed to unlock iCloud activation by bypassing it.

Thousands of users still using DoulCi Activator to bypass iCloud activation lock and it’s well known proved trick to remove iCloud activation password.

We want to tell you that DoulCi activator is available 11.1.20% free and if there is anyone who asks you for money, then don’t pay to them and don’t use DoulCi servers for any iCloud bypass trick which is prevented by Apple.

Use DoulCi IP Addresses and activator to bypass iCloud activation only when you’ve iPhone which is your own and you wanna your own data to access. You’d need to download DoulCi in order to unlock iCloud activation.

As DoulCi Activator free version is available for public, most of the times, it won’t work because of busy server IP address. Thus, we recommend users to try different times to unlock iCloud activation using DoulCi activator or their server to remove iCloud.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock using Doulci

  1. The download links for DoulCi activator is given above and you need to download iCloud bypass tool and launch it.
  2. You need to open settings and note down IMEI of your iPhone and fill the fields.
  3. DoulCi servers would patch iCloud activation lock and bypass them. Once they completed the process, they’d send you confirmation of iCloud Activation lock removed.
  4. Done. You’ve successfully removed iCloud activation lock using DoulCi.

Remember: You need to access your iPhone or iPad after iCloud activation lock removal and fill the Apple ID which is created by you recently and it should not disable or blocked for some reasons.

Once you’ve bypass iCloud activation using DoulCi servers, you’d be allowed instantly to your new Apple ID device and Find my iPhone would be turned off.

You can set up new iCloud passcode and details by simply visiting the page and use that device with your own details. If you’re failed to remove iCloud lock for busy DoulCi servers, try again and again until you get succeed.

The best idea is to know the best time and DoulCi IP address for working activator servers. This way, you can minimize tries for bypass iCloud activation.

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  1. brend says:

    i need a code /password please email me one to

  2. Nath says:

    Hi team I have recently bought a 5c to repair. And need to unlock as but no iCloud details. Can you send me a link to do this to

  3. says:

    Need help getting into my ipad 2!

  4. iwan says:

    please link order doulci last version

  5. Jillianna Yasha says:

    Ihave doulci activator v2.5 ,how can avail the code? Is anyone help me here? Tnx n more power.

  6. Jillianna Yasha says:

    Inbox me at Gmail.c0m

  7. Jillianna Yasha says:

    Hi doulci team, I got doulci activator v2.5 – activator iCloud bypass but the code can’t enter. Any one help me here? How can avail a new code? Email me pls. thank you and Merry xmas Every one.

  8. david says:

    help me oo,latest duoci activator to my email

  9. david says:

    please help me,i need the latest doulci activator send it to my email

  10. Max says:

    Fuciona msm ?

  11. waw says:

    is this fake ?

  12. teset says:

    I forgot my iCloud password and my iPAD is locked on iCloud activation, please help me out

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot. I was forget my iCloud activation password but doulci removed iCloud activation details and now I setup new Apple ID.
    you really help me a lot

  14. Anonymous says:

    Most of the time DoulCi servers are dead and I’m failed to get working IP address. Please help me.
    Can I mention my Email here or IMEI?

  15. Brian Chiem says:

    I forgot my iCloud password and my iPhone is locked on iCloud activation, please help me out because I was just about to lose my data which is very important to me. I can just say that if I would unlock iCloud activation I would pay you
    thank you

    • Jason Zakrajsek says:

      DoulCi is really wonderful free service to bypass iCloud activation passport comma if you are unable to get your data you can go to apple and ask them to get your data back by removing iCloud password genuinely.

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