Bridge iOS 11.1.2: Use Cydia Tweak to Transfer iPhone Music to iTunes Library

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Bridge iOS 11.1.2: Use Cydia Tweak to Transfer iPhone Music to iTunes Library – Bridge Cydia tweak allows jailbreak users to import music from iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini to iTunes library even without computer…

Without computer or laptop with iTunes, we can’t import iPhone music, songs or anything from iPhone or iPad to iTunes library. This is really not a good thing. Suppose, we need to transfer couple of music or videos from iPhone to iTunes library and we don’t have computer or laptop, then what would happen?

ProTube Developer, Jonas Gessner, created Bridge iOS 11.1.2 to transfer videos, music from iPhone to iTunes without computer.

There is an application specially designed for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini to solve this issue. This application is known as Bridge. It was included in Apple App Store before, somehow Apple disapproved it from app store and we missed the chance.

Later on, Bridge has been added to Cydia store for jailbroken iDevices. So, the users who have jailbroken iDevice, simply use Bridge Cydia tweak to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library or iPad users can also use Bridge to move music from iPad to iTunes.

Is Bridge Cydia tweak free? No, you need to purchase Bridge iPhone or iPad supported tweak from BigBoss repository who has hosted it. It would cost you $1.99 one time with lifetime updates.

Jonas Gessner, a famous jailbreak app developer who has developed ProTube to download videos from YouTube on iDevices, created Bridge and hosted it on BigBoss repo.

Bridge was updated to iOS 11.1.2 and the developer working hard to maintain progress for Bridge iOS 11.1.2 and further new firmware.

To get detailed steps to configure Bridge iOS 11.1.2, you need to make a comment with request…

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  1. Deliverance says:

    Superior thinking detsaomrnted above. Thanks!

  2. Connor Turner says:

    It is on the App Store for $2.99

  3. AbuAlfan says:

    Not working at ios 10.1.1 iphone SE
    hope will fix bug soon

  4. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Miss you long time! Much love

  5. a-man says:

    i want i need

  6. rekar 507 says:

    plz make update or anything i will pay

  7. Sami says:

    Whay bridg not working on ios 11.1.2

  8. samiboy says:

    Guess it will take time

  9. Jeneff says:

    it doesn’t work on ios 11.1.2

  10. Joe Dykyj says:

    G,day, i need bridge for ios 11.1.2 as i need to transfer my movie & music files…

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      We all are waiting for Bridge Cydia tweak for the updated firmware. The most current Bridge app is iOS 9.1 and iOS 11.1.2 still waiting in the pipe line. I’m sure it would be out before iOS 11.1.2 release.

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