How to Import Audio from Files to Audiobooks to iPhone

The iPhone is a mini computer where we can perform various tasks. You can download MP3 in Audiobooks and import them to iPhone.

How to Download AudioBooks to iPhone for free

Once you’ve downloaded Audiobooks mp3 files, you can easily transfer them to the iPhone using Windows, Mac or other operating systems. However, it isn’t easy like Android devices, you need to take some exact steps to import these files from other operating systems to iOS.

Today, we’ll see various methods to import mp3 in audiobooks files from Windows, Mac and directly to iOS using third party software.

How to transfer audiobooks to iPhone

Before we start using text form, you should check YouTube videos.

If you’re using iTunes, you must pair iPhone to your computer using iTunes.

How to add MP3 to iPhone as an audiobook

Check below video too that demonstrate easy way to perform the task.

How You Can Add AudioBooks files to iPhone Absolutely Free

After watching all the above videos, you might have a question: can I add audiobooks directly to the iPhone? Well, this can also be done even for free. We can understand your point of view. One can find an unlimited number of audiobook files available on various websites. If there is any audio book downloader available for iPhone, you can save them directly to the iPhone without any further delay.

Fortunately, EaseUs MobiMover app can be handy to import all your favorite free audiobooks on the iPhone. It allows iPhone users to download music, videos and audio books to your iPhone directly from the website that hosts these audio files as well as music and videos too.

EaseUS MobiMover can download videos, audiobooks and music from YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, SoundCloud and bunch of other website that offer these contents.

  • First of all download EaseUS MobiMover to your iPhone for free.
  • You need to access the video download feature of the app.
  • Go to the websites from where you want to download audiobooks, videos or music and copy the URL of that page or link.
  • Now, come to EaseUS MobiMover on the video download page and paste that URL.
  • Tap on Download to start downloading audiobooks to iPhone for free.


How do you download, add, and import audiobooks to iPhone?

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