AquaBoard iOS 13.5: Get Water Effects on your iPhone Springboard and LockScreen

AquaBoard iOS 13.5: Get Water Effects on your iPhone Springboard and LockScreen

Each day, new and new Cydia tweaks are coming. Most of them are just useless while couple of them are extremely wonderful and useful. I’m talking about recently updated Cydia app “Aquaboard”.

AquaBoard was released first time during iOS 7 in 2012 by the same developers and the same repo – BigBoss repository. The developers have upgraded AquaBoard Cydia tweak specially for iOS 8 devices.

If you’ve Taig jailbreak, you can untethered jailbreak iOS 13.5 and install AquaBoard iPhone tweak on your jailbroken device. This tweak can be installed from BigBoss repo source after purchasing it. It costs $2.99

If you’d purchased it during iOS 7 jailbreak, you can use the same login details to get this update absolutely free for your iOS 13.5┬ájailbreak.

AquaBoard brings wide range of aqua effects and functions. You’ve fully control on your springboard and lockscreen effects using AquaBoard Cydia app.

Once AquaBoard is installed, you’re ready to go on the fly. You can enable AquaBoard or disable the same simply by accessing settings penal at Aquaboard settings. You just need to follow some simple steps.

  • Open
  • Scroll down to AquaBoard, Tap on it
  • Enable or Disable
  • Respring
  • Done

Its so unique that when you tap on springboard, icons or even scroll the page, AquaBoard comes into effect. The aqua effect starts playing.

Download and installation are so easy and requires reboot before applying effects to SpringBoard.

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  1. Aquaboard is something that’s related to your springboard and lock screen elements. You can control adding or remove certain part or widget from lock screen. Aquaboard Cydia tweak is paid and need to be purchased before first time use. It’s also available on HackYouriPhone repo for free.

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