AppSync not Working? Try this [Resolved]

AppSync Unified not working? There are couple of steps that you can take to fix it…

Running on a jailbreak device is really getting rare situation in these days. After iOS 13.5, its became more difficult and nearly impossible to see any jailbreak device.

This creates another pressure on tweak developers and prevent them to update their tweak. Actually everybody is nervous and we hardly see any new Cydia tweak in jailbreak community.

Now if you’ve jailbreak device and AppSync not working, this is major issue. Because if you’re trying to install or trying to take work from stable version of AppSync Unified and still its not working, then you should be worry. This situation can lead you to upgrade to iOS 13.5, it means no jailbreak.

As soon as possible, you must fix AppSync so that it never create any issue on your jailbreak iPhone. There are couple of steps that you can take in order to fix it. At least you can try.

AppSync Unified Not Working: Why won’t you try this?

AppSync can break your iPhone if you won’t fix it on time. Actually, its very useful and key application so if it creates any issue, there would be condition that would lead you to upgrade your iPhone and it won’t be easy for you because that time, you won’t have jailbreak.

  1. AppSync Unified: There you can search an official AppSync Unified app out for iPhone dedicated to jailbreak device. You must jailbreak your iPhone and install this update. If you’ve installed this app without jailbreaking somehow, then it probably won’t work.
  2. If you’re trying stable version on jailbroken iPhone, you can uninstall AppSync from your iPhone and clean unwanted apps that have been installed from long time and try to reinstall the app.
  3. Resetting your jailbreak iPhone with Cydia Eraser is great option. You can erase your jailbreak from iPhone and again jailbreak after complete erase. Then after you can try to install AppSync on newly jailbroken device. Previous errors won’t happen again.
  4. Try to install AppSync from official repo source. Look, you would see a lot of Cydia repo source that claim to have this app. Don’t trust them and try official repo available for that.

AppSync is wonderful app for any jailbreak device and it can be really useful to you. If you’ve any other issue or problem or still AppSync not working, you can comment below…