AppCentral iOS 13.5: How to Download & Install on iPhone Without Jailbreak

AppCentral without jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running 13.5 or iOS 13.5.3…

Users having 13.5 or higher can install this app store which is third party store that has thousands of key apps, games and tweaks for iPhone and all of these things without jailbreak.

You would have know already about vShare, one of the popular third party app store. And of course about TutuApp or AppValley too, these are few of those useful apps that can be installed without Cydia.

If you’ve have ever installed TweakBox, AppEven or Panda App Store, you would have know what I’m trying to say you. AppCentral gives you all those options that you’re getting from Cydia after jailbreak. This is not a true Jailbreak solution, but just like other apps that I’ve mentioned above.

You can do much much more things comparing to ordinary apps. And much much better than Apple App Store in terms of modified apps such as Instagram++, Spotify++, YouTube++ and Pokemon Go++. I’ve give just a few names here, but the list is very huge and I can’t add all of those games, apps and tweaks that can be installed using AppCentral.

I’d say if you wanna download some modified ++ tweaks, game emulator such as GBA, NDS, Emu or any other apps or games, then you should look either at AppCentral or AppValley or may be at vShare or TutuApp.

Joseph Shelton has designed and develop AppCentral whereas it is being promoted by himself at non jailbreak devices.

How to Download AppCentral 13.5

If you’ve ever installed third party app that is out from Apple App store using Cydia Impactor or Xcode, then you can install this too, because this App Central is also using the same trick to be installed on iPhone X or other top models on same series.

If you don’t have computer and still you wanna download and install AppCentral, you can follow below steps.

  1. You must connected with WiFi, mobile data or any kind of Internet so that you can open website URL using Safari browser.
  2. Once you open above website link, you’d notice “Install AppCentral” link, you must tap on that link.
  3. System would confirm the installation and once you tap on that and follow on screen instructions, you’d have AppCentral on your iPhone.

Now, do a restart once. To make everything okay, restart is necessary. Instantly after installation if you’d won’t restart, you’d notice that AppCentral not working, not opening or it won’t install apps. So, that do a restart and after restart configure profile settings from Settings app.

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