AppCake iOS 13.5: Download the Best Cracked Apps for Free – iPhone, iPad

AppCake iOS 13.5: Download the Best Cracked Apps for Free – iPhone, iPad

AppCake is the best alternative to InstallOus and vShare. It contains large database of cracked apps which are 100% free for iPad and iPhone. iPhoneCake.COM is the developer website that have their own repo source in Cydia.

Since Install0us has been shutdown, the large number of jailbreak users are using either AppCake or vShare. The short number of users are going to AppAddict. Among these three, AppCake is the best alternative to InstallOus.

As per one survey each one out of three jailbreak user installs either AppCake, vShare or iAP Cracker. All these are Best Cydia Apps that are available on the jailbreak store for free.

AppCake is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini. They have separate version for iPad users known as AppCake+. All version are completely free, but require jailbreak iDevice with Cydia installed.

After vShare this is the largest web portal that has thousands upon thousands users which are registered there and active. Everyday the developer, iPhoneCake.COM, adds numerous apps and games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

iPhoneCake.COM provides similar services like HackulOus. There were other products on the store which were also popular such as iPAStore and AppCake+.

How to Install AppCake on iPhone, iPad

There are two ways, if you wanna download AppCake and install it on iPhone or iPad. See what you require to get it…

  • The first but not last “Jailbroken iPhone or iPad”
  • Make sure that it has Cydia installer installed.
  • AppSync” – this is must have app that you would have to install, if you wanna use AppCake on your iPhone or iPad.

Above requirements are must. Now, we would see how you can download and install this jailbreak tweak.

  1. Open Cydia app and tap on Sources link from the bottom. Add Finish it and Search AppCake and install it.
  2. Go and open Safari browser and go to and download AppCake from there. Install it.

In both of above situation, make sure that you have installed “AppSync” in the first place. Restart and then follow one of the above step.


AppCake is awesome app that is must have jailbreak app for any jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but if you’ve iPhone which is not jailbroken, then AppCake can be a serious issue. The drawback is, AppCake can’t be installed without jailbreak. It means, if you’ve iPhone or iPad which is not jailbroken, you can’t install this app.

In such situation, try alternatives.

Have you any issue, leave your comment below…


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  2. i always get the failed to intall app-warning when trying to install an app.
    And yes i tried several AppSync’s including AppSync Unified.

    (iPhone 6S)

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