Apex iOS 11.1.2: The Best Cydia tweak for Grouping Apps Together for iPhone, iPad

Apex iOS 9

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After installing Apex Cydia tweak, you must agree that jailbreak apps extend the basic iOS features to the high level. Apex iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak combine and puts related apps together in awesome way.

This is another update from A3Tweaks who created Polus, Auxo, FlipSwitch, Axis and Luna Cydia tweaks. A3Tweak developer created Apex Cydia tweak and hosted it on BigBoss repo source for $2.99

The users who have already purchased the older version of Apex iPhone tweak get this update absolutely free. If you’re new user and purchase this tweak, get all the future and older versions of Apex for a single payment.

Apex iOS 11.1.2

So, once you installed Apex iOS 11.1.2 on your iPhone or iPad, you can collect and puts up to five apps or games together in a group. For better understanding, I’ve attached screenshot of Apex Cydia tweak.

After installation, head to Settings.app and enable it. There are various configurations available such as swiping selection, tapping configuration etc. Its not hard enough, so change what you need convenient.

Once you enable Apex, you can tap and hold any app icon from Springboard and add up to four apps to that app. Swiping down or up over it would bring those four apps in a stacks.

Apex Cydia tweak makes your iPhone icons cool. You can’t miss, if you wanna do something creative on your iPad or iPhone.

However, the tweak is pricey. You can get Apex tweak for free, just comment below to get more things about it…

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  1. João Carlos de Pinho says:

    Apex 2 and VirtualHome are the sole reason why I jailbreak all my devices. I had no battery issues with these tweaks. Ever.

  2. Tony says:

    Do you even thought about your battery life? Cydia tweak such as Apex iOS 11.1.2 consumes large part of your iPhone battery. Suppose, you’ve iPhone 6 Plus or such device which has great battery life, you can try Apex Cydia tweak.

    With the quality and look, Apex offers really wonderful features, but at the same time it is expensive Cydia tweak, if we consider battery life and the subscription price.

    Anyways, try out Apex iPhone tweak and reply me that I am wrong or right.

    • Gabriel Anaya says:

      Have you any alternative because I can’t lost my battery life just because a beautifier Cydia tweak. I’d wait for Apex Cydia tweak alternative.

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