Aerial iOS 11.1.2: The Cydia Tweak that Fills Colors to iPhone Status Bar

Aerial tweak: The Best Status Bar Cydia Tweak till now…

A well know jailbreak app developer, Surenix has released one more Cydia tweak. Yeah, its Aerial. This is newest jailbreak tweak for Status bar that colorize status bar icons.

Normally status bar icons look black on white background and the vice versa white icons on black background. I personally love this tweak because after colorize icons using Aerial iOS 11.1.2, colorful icons look awesome.

You’re allowed to choose any color you want. For changing colors and icons, you need to choose from numerous top options given within Settings app for Aerial Cydia tweak.

On some elements such as Control Center, Notification Center and on Lock Screen status bar icons would look default while on apps, games and tweaks, you’d see the difference. So, please note this.

How to Change Status Bar Icons

To change icons colors using Aerial Cydia tweak, you must have to install the tweak and enable it after installation. Please note that Aerial is paid tweak and it costs around $1.99 for one time installation.

However, you’ve option to download Aerial iOS 11.1.2 tweak from HYI that offer the same tweak at completely no cost. So, decide what do you want to do for changing status bar icon colors.

After installation, head to settings app and choose “Aerial settings” to make changes. You’d have options like status bar overlay settings along with customized colors for icons.

Yeah, you can have another option at the top that offer you enable for disable status bar icon colors by disabling Aerial. By default, you’d get 11 colors that are default while you can create your own custom color from the same settings pane.

To make this tweak simple and effective, the developers have developed Aerial so brilliantly that you won’t need to respring iPhone to make the changes effective. Yeah, you’d not required to respring after each change.

To make all of these changes, you must have to install Aerial tweak. For that you’d have to search the mentioned tweak on either HYI repo or BigBoss repo whatever you want.

For installing the tweak completely free, you must add either HYI or BYA repo source. Both the sources have uploaded the free version of the tweak. But, I’d recommend to purchase Aerial Cydia tweak from official developers to appreciate their hard work.

I’m hopping to see comments. If you’ve anything to ask, please make comments regarding Aerial iOS 11.1.2…

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