How to Add Cydia Repo, Sources iOS 13.5 [List of Best Repos]

How to Add a Cydia Source iOS 13.5…

The whole jailbreak community is in great happiness and joyful moments. It seems like their dream came true with PanGu jailbreak iOS 13.5.

Now, they can install Cydia installer, add Cydia repo and download bunch of jailbreak apps that they were missing without jailbreak on their iPhone and iPad.

Truly, jailbreak and Cydia are something that should be installed on every iPhone and iPad device with some restrictions of Cydia sources that distract iPhone users to install bad tweaks and apps.

Today, I’m gonna show you how you can add a Cydia repo to your jailbroken device with some easy steps. By which you can add or remove repo source from your Cydia app.

In basic terms, there are couple Cydia sources come with the app by default that are called default Cydia Sources which are sponsored by various developers and community members.

You can add a repo to Cydia by your own choice when you know how to add Cydia repo to any jailbroken device. Now, below is complete tutorial in order to teach you how easily you can add a bunch of Cydia repos to the iPhone.

Just follow some simple steps which are mentioned here exclusively on Cydia Hacks…

  1. To add any Cydia repo, you need to access your jailbreak App Store after enabling WiFi or any internet access. Remember, if you’re trying to connect your Cydia source without internet, they it won’t be open. So, connect your device with WiFi or internet and open Cydia app.
  2. The second step would be tapping on Sources button which is located at the Botton of the row of Cydia app. Tap on it and head to third step to add Cydia repo source.
  3. Now you’re on the screen which shows two buttons. One is Edit and second is Add. You want to tap on Add button in order to add Repo source to your jailbreak App Store.
  4. The next screen would show you popup that would gonna ask you to add Source to Cydia. You need to type URL address of the repo source and tap on Add Source button.


Note: If you’ve entered correct repo source URL, you’d be fine and done all the steps in order to add a repo to Cydia. Now, you can browse that repo source to install your favorite Cydia apps and tweaks easily.

If you’ve anything else to clear from your mind, please comment below, because without your comments, we won’t know exactly what is the issue which is preventing you from adding Cydia Source to iPhone or iPad.

13.5 Best Cydia Sources / Repos

Below are some top Cydia Sources which can be added in order to install some of the very popular jailbreak apps


  1. I am having trouble with my app it is not letting me add the URL I put everything as said it’s daig servers not correctly putt for URL and i just don’t under and I have 6 pulse iOS 13.5 HELP PLS!!!!!

  2. I jb my iphone 6s with ios 13.5 now the cydia is not loading any source and show the bellow message
    could not open file var/lib/dpkg/status-open(2no such file or directory
    please help me

    1. yes pls look up this error and do not make any attempt to restore, if u have NO TWEAKS installed other than cydia installer, it is safe to do so as i had to spend 7 hours restoring my iphone 6s.

  3. what is the repo for hackyouriphone + biteyourappel?
    non of them works for me

  4. can’t add biteyourapple repo??

    1. You can add HackYouriPhone which is closely related to BiteYourApple. Both are the best Cydia sources for free jailbreak apps. You may go with one of them.
      Hoping that I helped you.

  5. Hey man, cam you give me another list of best Cydia sources for cracked apps? I’m having iOS 13.5 without bite of any free iPhone app which can be run individually on jailbreak iPhone.
    Please help with some top repos

  6. Thanks man, it was too hard to manage Cydia sources in new jailbreak app. I am now prepared fully to add repo source to any jailbroken device after reading your detailed steps. It would be great if you add some screen short of adding sources to Cydia because without them, it looks like a book reading when you’re following these steps. I hope you understand my thoughts. thanks again for iOS 13.5 trick.

    1. Yeah, now it’s too easy to add any repo and sources by just entering to the add box. And you won’t face any restriction or warning before adding these Cydia repos.

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