The 4 Best Cydia Hacks to Get Free in-app Purchases iOS/Android

The 4 Best Cydia Hacks to Get Free in-app Purchases

There is really a working solution to get the best Cydia hacks available on CydiaStore. We have picked up top 4 iAPHacks available on jailbreak store for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Apple apps have countless features and no one can imagine those features that are so awesome. Take a example of “In-app” purchases.

In-app purchase is the feature which is developed for power up particular apps or games. Suppose, you need more power or special feature, you can purchase In-App.

Oh now don’t tell me that you wanna get paid in-app purchases for free!!! Oh my God! Okay, let me introduce “iAP Hacks” available on Cydia store. Below are couple of iAPCracker that you might need. Take a look…

iAPFree iOS 13.5: This is one of the best Cydia app that bypass the purchase page and let you get free in app purchases. iAPFree comes with core plugin that contains large number of files that are needed to hack various games or apps.

iAP Cracker: This is most popular and working solution at the moment. If you really wanna test some paid in-app purchases, install iAPCracker iOS 13.5. There isn’t any icon available for iAP Cracker, but believe me that this is the one which you can’t forget to install if you really love in-app purchases.

iAPCrazy: Now, I’m gonna tell you about a Cydia hack that know as iAPCrazy which would really make you crazy for in-purchases. This is also a Cydia tweak that is build to get free stuff. It is a good alternative to iAPCracker.

LocaliAPStore iOS 13.5: No doubt, this is one of the best and finest Cydia hacks available on Cydia store for free to hack in-app purchases. Oh yeah, Local iAP Store is one which is mostly used by game lovers. Because, it supports large number of games.

Note: If you’re planning to install Cydia hacks then you must install AppSync first. AppSync is also a Cydia hack that allows users to install unsigned iPA files. Without AppSync, none of these hacks would work. This is an ultimate jailbreak hack.

Update: PanGu iOS 13.5 jailbreak released in English too. Cydia Impactor and Substrate have also updated to the latest version. It means new Cydia tweaks supported on 64 bit devices. You may try different free in app purchases easily using your jailbroken device. Read this if PanGu not working.

Bonus: Lucky Patcher iOS 13.5 is brand new tweak that brings free in app purchases using Cydia installer. Try it too.

I hope you have enjoyed one of the best Cydia hacks here. If you’ve anything to say, our comments are always open for you…


  1. I would like to which app will work for war dragons

  2. what are the best for android

    1. for android use game guardian or lucky patcher. freedom works too but not for every app and freeedom is the easiest thing to use,

  3. I heard that a new iOS 13.5 exploit has been released and very soon there would be Cydia hacks available for 13.5 jailbreak as well

  4. does it work for WWE Supercards ?

  5. Have been using many iap hacks through the years, many still works, serversided games aint easy to trick, if u are able to mod it anyway u will surely get banned.

  6. Yeah, this is some bullshit.

  7. Can someone make it work for School of Chaos ?

    1. Does it work for 100% online game?

  8. Can anyone hack the mobile strike game I’m sick of dumping money into it

  9. Infinity blade games good to hack

  10. Sorry bus recommend battle surpremacey tank game

  11. Well some good games I hack was mortal combat.Jurassic world.war of gods got banned. Candy crush and them sort you can.

  12. It seems there are tons of games available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that contains in app purchases, but it’s toughest job to get free. So, if there is lucky patcher or Cydia tweaks that provide free inapp purchase, you shouldn’t miss that.

  13. Any of these work for DC Legends ?

  14. I am curious if the hack works for online games in app purchases like mobile strike, game of war and so on? if not, is there a way to hack them?

  15. In fact the server games… Can’t be hacked ( but there are exceptions )
    The repos sometimes put a “famous game” that have servers, for example DH5 < but the games with a lot of security like coc "can't be hacked"
    It's a matter of time for one day to get a hack of an online game
    Sorry English I'm Swedish

  16. Does it work for empire four kingdom

  17. Do any of these work for mobile strike or does anyone know of any that do

  18. Does LocaliAp tweak work on ‘Unlock now’ option within the games like Hidden object puzzel games? Anybody know that?

  19. any hack about clash of clan

    1. Will cydia work on android

    2. No iOS operating systems only dumb dumb

  20. How do you do it on growtopia?
    Free in app purchases?

  21. Can you hack online game with severs??

    1. It’s a record that online games and games which are server based which operated through servers can’t be hacked. Yeah, for some versions you can get few in app purchases free, but it depends on luck.

    2. do any of these work with order and chaos online?

  22. There are bunch of new stuff out there for iPhone X and jailbreak. why don’t you add those new Cydia apps to this store application if you can. I need emu4ios for iPhone 7.

    1. Cydia apps and in app purchases, both are completely different from each other. If you need emu4iOS or the most famous GBA4iOS, you can get them on their official websites. iPhone X would be compatible for their emulator because it runs on iOS platform.

  23. Do you know if I can install Lucky Patcher on my iPhone I’m jailbroken and when I search for it on cydia and nothing shows up, and I have Hackyouriphone source.

    1. Lucky Patcher is for Android, but in some cases if you’ve jailbroken device, you can manage the iOS version on your iPhone using Cydia apps.

      However, it’s really depend on the developer whether they update it for iOS 13.5 or not because Apple has already installed 13.5 firmware update on iPhone x.

      Please check update on the blog home page for jailbreak iOS 13.5.

  24. You made compliments for ALL tweaks.
    Which one are REALLY the best?

    1. In my opinion, LocaliAPStore is still working for iOS so it’s best for iPhone, iPad and if you’re looking Android apps, you can look for lucky patcher for sure. I’ve no doubt about my opinion.

  25. Can someone help me?
    Do any of these work for My NBA 2016 Mobile App?

    1. These apps aren’t designed for any particular game or tweak, you can try your luck to install and download free in app purchases.

  26. Do any of these work for NBA Mobile App?

  27. Angami blus for ios

    Any one can help

  28. Do any of these work for nba live mobile?

    1. It seems like NBA Live isn’t supported yet.

  29. anybody find any ios screen recorder like ?

  30. What are the repos for these? I can’t find them anywhere.

    1. I want Pokemon In app purchases, please confirm anyone that does it work for Pokemon Go hack?

      1. How to get these Cydia apps for free?

      2. no it doesn’t sorry

        1. It’s really simple download a tweak that is called Pokemon go +++

          1. Is it Pokemon GO++?

  31. Hi, I’m new to jailbreaking. I want Pokemon Go hacks for in app purchases. I tried couple of tweaks that claim to have working tricks to get free in app purchases but nothing work.

    I want Pokemon Go anywhere and jailbreak bypass tweak. Please help me to install Pokemon Go hacks using jb

    I’m currently on 13.5 having iPhone 6S. thanks

    1. has a tweak that allows you to move your character without moving in real life. Repo:
      search “Poke” in cydia and you should find it.

  32. iap cracker no working 13.5

  33. I need to know what could be the proper tweak for in app purchasing for bleach brave souls and Pokemon go so I can advance in them quickly

    1. I also want to know which one works for bleach brave souls?

  34. Does iAP Cracker on iOS 13.5 not work for anyone else?

  35. Is anywhere to find Jailbreak for 13.5?

    1. I’m also searching the iOS 13.5 jailbreak because wanted to try lucky patcher Cydia tweak for getting some paid in app purchases. You can run iOS 13.5 too for free inapp purchase as well.

      1. Hahaha ios dont have luckey patcher

      2. Lucky Patcher is for Android phones only.

      3. I can help you

    2. pangu did it

    3. Yes at YouTube find everythingapplepro he has made some videos on it

    4. It’s out find it from everything Apple pro

    5. Yes! it came out today!

    6. yeah it came out go on youtube and go to a channel name dinozambas2 and watch his video that said how to jailbreak ios 13.5 this is the easiest jailbreak and it work perfectly. u just click install and ur done :) it works too i’ve done it. if it doesn’t work go to a channel name everythingapplepro and watch his video how to jailbreak ios 12.2 hope this help :)

    7. Use pp assistant my idevice is 13.5 and it’s only working in 64bit device

    8. Yup and you can jailbreak it without computer but it’s semi tethered you can check EverythingApplePro on youtube and he will help you

    9. Pangu has releasd version of ios 12.2 just check ou tutorial from youtube

  36. Haven’t found on that works with Pokemon Go, due to constant online servers?

    1. Correct my friend, games like FIFA 16, Clash of clans and now Pokemon go can’t be hacked because of the constant check of the online servers but give it time and there just might be one

    2. F u k
      Spoke to

  37. Hey peeps I just wanthought something for game of war and clash of clans … is this possible?

    1. No you can’t hack those games due to the constant check of their online services, sorry

  38. Please find one for Pokémon Go!

    1. Yes!! We need. One

  39. Pokemon Go?

  40. anyone now if any of thse work for clash royale

    1. Nope it’s a server game

  41. anyone know if knights and dragon works with any of these?

  42. Can anyone tell me how to get free in app purchases fir viking war if clans

  43. Does Star Wars galaxy of heroes work with any of these?

    1. No it does not work on star was galaxy I tried many times it’s an online game

  44. Any luck with in app purchase bypass of mobile strike app?

    1. Hey Yddik did you figure out the Mobile strike bypass?

      I need inof on this one also please share

      1. Hey Mobile Striker did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

        1. Hey Howard did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

          1. Hey Bootyhole did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

            1. Hey TrueJames did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

              1. Hey acido did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

                1. Hey KKK did you get the hack working for mobile strike?

                  1. CCC-COMBO BREAKER

  45. Do you have to download an app through iAP and then get the in-app purchases or can you just use in-app purchases for apps you already have?

  46. Can anyone give me the repo to download this from?

  47. Kjeft fag jævla neger!

  48. Does this really work, and does it do bad things to the device

    1. I don’t thing that in app purchase installation using Cydia would create any harmful thing to your device as far as it’s free.

    2. Yep it fuck up your divise i know coz in a hacker

      1. Yup, totally a hacker, who sounds like a 5yr old

  49. Can anyone tell me how to get free purchase in fashion studio using cydia

  50. If ur reading this now it’s too late, back out of this page before u see something disturbing trust me:) just a bunch of UNJAILBROKEn noobs and some illegal stuff.

      1. Holy fuck bud. Shut the fuck up. You’re not even funny. Its just annoying af

  51. Can I install Cydia hacks without jailbreak?

  52. Is it possible to purchase free 13.50 $ coins in 8 ball pool .plz reply
    And how plz plz

    1. I’m not sure about that, but you can get best free in app purchases for sure.


        1. Fail Troll is failed

    3. Yes it is

      1. how to get Cydia game hacks without jailbreak? I’ve iOS 13.5 beta and it works great. I’ve installed iOSEmus which allows me to install Flux Cydia tweak without jailbreak. Is there any games for iPhone like this?

    4. try to install flex2 and find in the server the said apps…there u can get free 8 ball pool coins

  53. I’m really fan of these Cydia hacks. Therefore, I just added this blog in my first list to check all the updates. I’d request author of the jailbreak community to release iOS 13.5 hacks as well as Android support for alternatives.
    thanks, keep up good job

    1. But, you can’t install best Cydia hacks without jailbreak, so forget about those hacks and look for Extensify extensions which can be installed without jailbreak. You won’t feel nervous after installing their extensions and tweaks.

    2. No body cares no life

  54. Are these apps free?

  55. its only for some games, normal apps in purchase not supported. we need some universal trick that could work in any app IAP (like it was before ios 6 untill it was patched by apple)

  56. I’m searching the best Cydia apps for iOS 9.2, but I found that the jailbreak is not available for that firmware. I’m sure that there are couple of intelligent users are available who are developing the untethered jailbreak.

    Recent, report claims PanGu has working iOS 9.2 jailbreak. Suppose, they’d release next jailbreak, there would be couple of best Cydia tweaks for iPad Pro.

    I’m pro user so, I’ve purchased iPad Pro.

  57. I found that most of these hacks are still working just fine and I’m surprised for this thing. Can you provide me download link for iTransmission iOS 9.2 without jailbreak to download torrent files?

  58. How do u do it on Growtopia?

  59. How can I buy in app items on heroes saga. Thanks

  60. trying to get free in ap purchases for battle camp… any clues?

    1. Guys u cannot just hack iap’s for every app. Some apps communicate directly with apple servers to verify the authenticity of the purchase in which case these crackers fail

      1. Christmas crackers eh

      2. Yes u can just use butter

  61. Which one should i use to hack and get free in app purchases in respawnables on ipad ios 13.5

    1. there are countless best Cydia hacks that do this easily, just google it

    2. None ur penis would work well though

  62. I would recommend iAP Cracker and LocaliAPStore for inapp purchase

    another two apps are just scrap of Cydia tweaks. You can’t install any in-app purchase using another two tweaks.

    1. That would have to be LocaliAPstore

    2. Hi, which of the 4 is best for iphone ipad ios 13.5?

      1. I think vshare, installous, appaddict and tongbu are those cydia apps that you can enjoy as best

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