25PP Download Links for English Version: Updated to iOS 13.5/11.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

25PP Download Links for English Version: Updated to iOS 13.5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

There are a lot of jailbreak apps that contains paid apps in cracked form such as vShare, AppAddict and AppCake. However, 25PP is completely different among all these applications.

25PP developers have their own repository, forum and separate website for Mac OS X and Windows users. Ultimately, you can use 25PP on several platform such as iDevice, Android Smartphone and Mac OS X.

Below are the devices which can be used to download 25PP app…

  1. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  2. 25PP Mac
  3. 25PP Android
  4. Windows Compatible PC

Most of the users only prefer jailbreak app “25PP Repo” to get cracked apps and games on their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. They have their own designed website where there are thousands of free and paid games and applications have been placed for free.

How to Install 25PP iOS 13.5

If you’re trying to install 25 PP apps, you need to follow some simple steps…

25PP Alternatives: Zeusmos, HipStore, iFunBox, Kuaiyong and vShare are best alternative to 25PP English app.

1. Such as most of jailbreak appstore, 25PP also requires jailbroken iDevice and the most popular jailbreak app store called “Cydia”. There are many untethered tools like TaiG, PanGu, EvasiOn and PP Jailbreak which are great untethered jailbreak tool to jailbreak and install Cydia.

2. Before everything after jb, you need to install [AppSync Cydia tweak] plugin that is one of the must have tweaks required to run 25PP properly.

3. Add repository. URL: http://apt.25pp.com

Once you have completed above simple but tricky steps, search “25PP” on your Cydia installer and install it at no cost.

Happy free apps and games.


The official 25PP English version is not available yet. The developers have released only Chinese app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, you can search English translated version on Cydia or Google.

If you need direct link for download English version, comment it…


  1. do not install, install it in Iphone 6S with yalu beta 7 no way to restart the iphone blocked on apple logo on restart

  2. Wheres the download at.

  3. where to download

    1. I’ve downloaded from give link and it’s working on my iPhone running on iOS 13.5. Do you know there are certain apps that work without jailbreak. I’ve personally installed kuaiyong, 25PP and HipStore on my iPhone and vShare is pretty common for that.
      You can easily download your favorite apps.

  4. I’m really exited to see the working solution for iOS 13.5, But, the issue is there isn’t any tool that works without jailbreak on iOS 13.5. Please help me out and show the tutorial that works without jailbreak. I wanna download Cydia iOS 13.5 using this tool without jailbreak.

    1. I think you’re using older version of firmware, try iOS 13.5 and try downloading some best games for your iPad using 25pp English team

  5. 25PP english version. I need it. I wanna download pp jailbreak iOS 13.5 from 25PP
    I heard they are developing the jailbreak tool for the said firmware.
    please someone give me english app for 25pp mac

    1. Look, all the tweaks related to 25PP are added to their repo source which is given above. And, as per the author has explained, there isn’t any english version available for 25PP compatible for Mac or Windows

      1. If you wanna use 25PP on your iPhone, you can install auto translate plugin that would translate PP25 app in English language. This is the easiest method to translate any tweak in English version. But, if you’re on Mac or Windows than it is really a great issue to translate 25pp in English.
        I can’t help

    2. PP jailbreak team has release jailbreak iOS 13.5 for mac. You don’t need to jailbreak iOS 13.5 any more to install 25PP. If you’ve windows pc, you can download TaiG jailbreak for Windows. The most current and updated version of TaiG is TaiG 2.3.1, you can install it to download jailbreak apps without any issue.

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