2017 iPhone 8 5-inch Reportedly Features Glass-Backed Penal

New iPhone 8 2017 features three glass backed in a 5-inch large screen next year…

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is just released and they’re brand new devices even though upcoming iPhone 8 is catching full attention which may be release in 2017.

These days, we’re getting bunch of reports from experts and designers about iPhone 8 2017 upcoming model. The recent report is coming from Nikkei which claims iPhone 8 would have all glass back penal in a 5-inch model next year.

According to the report, a new 5-inch model is also coming in the line up of iPhone 8 next year. The experts strongly believe that the 5-inch iPhone 8 would feature back glass penal.

They’re adding that the iPhone 8 would be coming in 3 models which respectively blog 4.7″, 5″ and the iPhone 8 Plus is coming in a 5.5″ screen size.

You’d be excited that Apple is gonna bring a brand new iPhone 8 5-inch screen size device in 2017 followed by two regular screen size phones. Plus, one of these three iPhone 8 may have OLED display followed by two regular LCD displays out of the box.

As it’s already in a hot rumor that iPhone 8 features all glass unibody and the development has been started in China and United States.

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If you’ve purchased new iPhone 7 Plus, what would you do next year? Would you go for iPhone 8 2017?


  1. Andy Nguyen says:

    I agreed that Apple device is status symbol but how can you guys compare it with Samsung Galaxy or Xiaomi Mi Mix?

  2. Kody Garner says:

    You all are stupid. Apple is celebrating 10th anniversary for it’s iPhone introduction and they’d crack all the smartphone market with iPhone8 2017 model.

  3. Howie Eastin says:

    It looks like you’re talking about iPhone 4 glass penal. I don’t want that Apple copy Samsung Galaxy style glass back penal at least not for iPhone 8 2017. Please keep yourself away from Galaxy.

  4. ljethro93 says:

    i want iPhone 8 6.2″ model

  5. Jerald Doerr says:

    Apple should learn something from Xiaomi, this Chinese company has already introduced iPhone 8 rival with Mi Mix 2016. It’s cool, brings some serious features and custom Android operating system which is more useful than iOS 11.1.2.

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