The 10 Top Downloaded Best Cydia Apps, That Worth To Try in 2015

The Top 11.1.2 Most Downloaded Cydia Tweaks in 2015

Almost 3 months have been passed since the last jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 was released. Now, when major Cydia apps have been updated to support iOS 11.1.2 and older firmware, many new tweaks are also popping up to rock the jailbreak AppStore. In 2015 specially, we’ve seen many great Cydia apps that are already downloaded thousands of time.

But, if you’d try to find out the top downloaded Cydia apps or tweaks, there isn’t any filter to do that as Apple AppStore. Really, it’s difficult task to do that. To help you finding some great Cydia tweaks, we’ve made a list of couple of most downloaded top Cydia apps that can be surely installed on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air in 2015. Take a look…


Apple is creating rootless iOS 11.1.2 and this could be the end of iFile and other Cydia tweaks that work on Root system. However, iFile Cydia tweak works smoothly on iOS 11.1.2 and older firmware and is best to do some pro task related to Root file system using iFile. This is one of the most downloaded best Cydia apps. It works as best iPhone file manager. At the same time, it can be used as photo viewer, .deb file installer and transfer any file or package over WiFi. In short, iFile is one Cydia app that you may surely install on your iPhone after jailbreak.


Camrix is superb Camera app that is build on Cydia. You can install it after jailbreak and it works like a charm. Without wasting any single moment, Camrix would be ready to capture all the moments that you may miss in future. I can bet that Camrix is the best Cydia tweak if we talk about Camera. The great user interface, features and picture quality make it super cool and better than the default camera app. It’s available on jailbreak AppStore for $1.99 which can be installed from BigBoss repo source.


CCSettings is oldest one Cydia tweak available on jailbreak AppStore and one of the great Cydia apps till yet. It’s available in Cydia AppStore since the start of jailbreaking. I must say that CCSettings is must have control center Cydia tweak for all iPhone and iPad. It offers the best features for iPhone Control Center for free. You can completely redesign control center using CCSettings without any hard efforts. The simple settings can give you great results. I would recommend CCSettings for your newly jailbroken iPhone.


If you’re not happy with default call logs app on your iPhone and wanna get some pro feature, surely download and install one of the best Cydia apps for call logs called “CallBar”. It contains almost all key features related to call settings and logs. You can access CallBar Cydia tweak using just a swipe. You can easily access log, contact list, dialer and voicemail using CallBar. It’s the best one if you’re planning to do a multitasking during the active call. This Cydia app would change your way of calling. However, it can be heavy to your pocket as it costs $3.99 for one time of purchase. But, you’re getting life time updates for free.

Eclipse 2

If you need the best dark mode theme for your iPhone with some really quality features and result, you can go for Eclipse 2. It’s designed with quality and works like charm. I personally enjoyed it since years. By default there isn’t any feature that puts your iPhone into dark mode, but Eclipse Cydia tweak can do that very easily and effortlessly. Eclipse iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak is available in a cheap price that costs your pocket at $0.99 and gives you the best User interface and elements that native iOS is missing.

iCleaner Pro

If you’re running at low storage or you’ve only 8GB of storage, you should definitely go with iCleaner Pro Cydia tweak. It’s one of the must have Cydia apps for cleaning cache files that are completely useless on your iPhone. At the same time it cleans some junk files and makes your iPhone completely clean and full of free space. iCleaner Pro looks paid Cydia tweak, but it’s available completely free. Remember, there are a lot of useless files available on your iPhone or iPad as cache files and you should remove them to make your iPhone lightweight. This would make your iPhone run longer. One can count it must have Cydia app. You won’t loss a single penny to download and install on your iPhone after jailbreaking.

Minimal Hosts Blocker

Are you tried of Ads displaying on your iPhone during browsing Safari or Google Chrome? You should look at the best ads blocker Cydia tweak known as Minimal Hosts Blocker. It’s one of the key Cydia apps just like AdBlocker. I love these two Cydia tweak that work best to block annoying ads on our iPhone and iPod Touch. Minimal Hosts Blocker works like a charm on iPad too. This free Cydia tweak can be easily installed from HackYouriPhone repo source.


I would say the developer may be working on MyWi9 because MyWi Cydia tweak is so useful for WiFi usage that users won’t forget it on iOS 11.1.2 too. It’s available for iOS 11.1.2 and works best for WiFi pro use. It offers some great features that many free tweaks don’t offer. This tweak is paid one, but one of the best Cydia apps for best use of your WiFi. You can split your WiFi data to your laptop or iPhone using personal hotspot. Additionally, you can enjoy OnDemand WiFi and detailed stats.


In the best Cydia apps, I would love to call GuestMode Cydia tweak. If you’re worrying to give your iPhone to the person whom you don’t wanna give, then put your iPhone on guest mode using this Cydia app and forget about your iPhone security. GuestMode Cydia app is build with some great security feature that would make your iPhone super secure. You can redesign your iPhone for guest users and don’t forget to put your iPhone or iPad in guest mode before giving your device to unknown person or unauthorized person using GuestMode jailbreak app.


This is another great camera Cydia tweak. I’ve mentioned Camrix as best Cydia tweak, but CameraTweak3 is also in the best Cydia apps, but is paid. You need to pay at least $1.49 to install it on your iPhone. But, CameraTweak3 gives you the best feature that you can’t get from other Cydia tweaks. You can easily tweak your camera app using resolution modification, ISO, speed of shutter and a lot more. It’s complete camera app and I must tell you that you should install CameraTweak3.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these top 11.1.2 Cydia apps and tweaks. I would love if you’d suggest the top list of your jailbreak apps in the comments. The one line or a few words are enough to post a comment and it doesn’t require you to register to comment so go on.

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    GuestMode is must have Cydia tweak because we have to deal with lots of friends who take our iPhone into their hand, and if there is Guest mode Cydia app, you can make your iPhone private.
    Camera Tweak 3 is also nice tweak. I love iCleaner Pro Cydia app. In short all of these Cydia apps are awesome and useful.

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