vShare iOS 11.1, Install Jailbreak Apps for iPhone, iPad

Download vShare iOS 11.1 for iPhone, iPad…

Now when we’ve iOS 11.1, the newest firmware update for iPhone and iPad, this is the right time to install new updated version of vShare iOS 11.1.

AppVV, the developers of many jailbreak apps such as vShare, has planned to release brand new app for iPhone that would work without Cydia but it would install all the jailbreak apps.

But we think, the developer won’t repeat AppiShare type project in the future as they’ve shorted out all the issues related to Apple Enterprise Certificate and profile related issues.

From now, the users who have issues with vShare iOS 11.1, can head to their PC whether they’ve Mac or Windows, they can go to their Computer and install vShare Helper app on their computer and then follow some simple steps to fix all the issues related to vShare iOS 11.1 whether they’re related to jailbreak apps or profile related.

As we’re ready for just about to install the new update from Apple, AppVV would be happy to announce their new app update and you can download this update from various sources just like their own forum, website or from third party website and blogs.

According the vShare administrator and developers, AppVV has planned to connect all the users with their forum and recommend users to use PC in order to fix minor issues to prevent vShare not working issues.

vShare iOS 11.1 can be installed without jailbreak and this is now official confirmed by many users and their developers are confirming that now users won’t get any issue of not working or won’t install apps.

As iOS 11.1 allows many features that are similar to jailbreak, if you still need jailbreak apps, vShare is always available for you to install on iPhone and iPad as well as Android device.

Update: If you’ve installed AppiShare iOS 11.1 or so called vShare Pro iOS 11.1, you can just remove it from your iOS 11.1 iPhone or iPad and install this new update for ever. You can verify update if you are unable to download it from official website.

Have you installed vShare iOS 11.1? Then what are you waiting for? Share your experience…


  1. Akon angrag says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Appaddict and Hipstore is much better if you want to install Pokemon Go game hack. So, if you can manage yourself installing those apps, avoid vShare at all.

  3. Eni says:

    iOS 11.1 is so customized and doesn’t need to install any jailbreak apps at all. This is something you’re over load your device. Every new profile to install vshare iOS 11.1 would need new permission and verification that is something impossible for me.
    Thanks anyway.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No way, I won’t install any of these apps on my iPhone and even I would remove couple of stock apps iOS 11.1 from my iPhone and you’re forcing me to install vShare? You just go to hell.

  5. T. Allen says:

    Good update, I was waiting for it after AppiShare iOS 11.1 shut down. It rocks.

  6. ljethro93 says:

    I’m feeling lucky to have iPhone that can install jailbreak apps without Cydia and feeling proud to have Apple iOS that offers such as nice feature to install vShare iOS 11.1 and other great apps.

    I am new so is there any one who can help me installing Pokemon Go iOS 11.1 using vShare? I’d be very thankful to you all.


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