Tutuapp won’t install, won’t download or not working at all, how to fix using Tutu Helper

How to Fix Tutuapp where it’s not working at all…

Whether you’ve iPhone or Android device, the common problem while using Tutu app is, it’s not working for many reasons.

You may face problems downloading, it won’t download. You may face problems while installing, Tutuapp won’t install. And last, it won’t support couple of apps or games.

To try fixing all these issues, we’ve contacted Tutu app developers and mentioned couple of concern while using Tutu VIP, Tutu Helper and Tutuapp itself on iOS and Android devices.

Download Tutuapp iOS, Android version with Tutu Helper

I want to share a case where I was trying to install Pokemon Go using Tutuapp APK installer. After many tries, Tutu app was unable to install that game even it wasn’t able to download Pokemon Go. I’m pretty sure that if you’re also Pokemon Lover and tried to install Pokemon GO using Tutu, you’ve faced these type of errors.

We found that most of the time, it’s due to high traffic to the server of Tutuapp and for other reasons, it’s due to software behavior. Some apps or games aren’t supported by Tutu app, however the developers are really concerned about these issues and they always try to fix these type of issues.

Fixed* Tutuapp Won’t Download or Tutuapp won’t Installing this Time Error

While discussing with developers, we found some ways to fix Tutu app for Android and iPhone device.

Note: Before starting to fix we’d mention here that the developers have released Tutu Helper, Tutu VIP version for Android and iOS, you all can download and install them to fix Tutuapp not working issues.

So, let’s check the steps to fix it manually…

We fount that while clearing app data and cache this app works without any problems. So to fix it, we tried uninstalling Tutu app and Pokemon Go for which we were getting issues. And reinstall Tutuapp again. On iOS and Android devices, the issue has been fixed after doing these steps. Do you wanna try it…

  1. First dig into settings app and find out “Reset Network Settings” which is available in Android and iOS both the firmware. There reset network settings.
  2. When you’d tap on reset network settings tab, it would ask you to confirm. When you’d confirm resetting, it would reset your network settings and your device would restart.
  3. The system would ask you to choose WiFi and password to connect it again because while resetting, all the settings would be deleted.
  4. Enter WiFi network details and connect it again.

* Most of the time resetting network settings fixes Tutuapp won’t download and not installing this time error from scratch.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack not working

If Tutu app works well on other apps and games and it gives error that it won’t install this time, then it may be possible that it’s due to any particular game or app.

In such case, you should wait for fix from developers because for some times either you’re using latest firmware or latest version of Pokemon Go while Tutuapp version would be old enough.

Suppose you’re using Pokemon Go iOS 10.1 while you’re using Tutuapp which is optimized for iOS 10.0.1, it may give you error or issues. It happens so many times.

When Tutuapp without jailbreak works very well, you should try to update it as possible as you can to fix not working issues. You’d never found won’t download or won’t install at this time error ever.

Bonus Tip

We’d recommend users to post comments if they’ve something different issues or problems because it’s completely impossible to cover each and every issues related to Tutu app not working.

While reading your comments, we’d be able to fix Tutuapp won’t download and it won’t install apps error from scratch.

So, comment below right now…

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  1. Aslam ahamed says:

    1)iam using ios11.1.1 in my tutuhelper app. i download assasins creed:identity sometimes it works then it not works it also not verified in settings…how i once again works..
    2)not installs any games after downloaded in tutuhelper app. kindly help

  2. The Comedian says:

    For some reason I get a download data error every time I try to download something over a wifi connection through tutu app. Downloading using cellular data works fine, but I’d rather not consume so much data. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  3. Glenda says:

    Could i get help please my tutu app downloads just fine and then i get to.dowload pokemon go when it finish downloadong it asks if accept access to 4 things contacts, pictures, location just like ive seen in videos and after that it goes straight to pokemon go app and it logs in byitself it skips the step where i need to login and whete all the apps show up and enable pokemon go, so my pokemon go account opens by itself and is not hacked the hacking doesnt install what can i do?

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