Semi-Restore: Restore iOS without Fear of Jailbreak Loss for iPhone, iPad

Download SemiRestore iOS tool for your iPhone, iPad to restore your iOS device without losing jailbreak at any way…

If you’ve jailbroken device and have fear of losing jailbreak specially when you’re suffering low storage or any issues with the iOS. You may want to restore your jailbreak iPhone or iPad without losing jailbreak, then Semi-Restore is available for you.

SemiRestore is updated for the latest jailbreak firmware, we can consider Semi-Restore for iOS 9.3.3 at precent. There’s no point to use it on iOS 11.1.2 of latest firmware because it can be restore or downgrade without any need of such software or applications.

SemiRestore can’t be installed directly on your iPhone or iPad, then if you’re thinking to restore your jailbreak device directly using your iPhone, you need to have macOS, Windows or Linux on your computer. Fortunately, it’s available for download for all these platforms.

Similarly, Cydia Eraser, Cydia Impactor also work like Semi-Restore iOS tool, but it may delete Cydia installer and jailbreak itself, so use SemiRestore if you don’t wanna loss your jailbreak at all.

SemiRestore and How to use it?

I don’t like one think regarding Semi-Restore and it’s update. It gets updated too long. This is really disappointed thing for jailbreakers who wanna restore their device for running latest version of iOS jailbreak firmware.

Note that SemiRestore can restore your current firmware without removing jailbreak, it means you can’t downgrade iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 9.3.3 or any version. Simply, you can’t downgrade using Semi-Restore tool.


As we mentioned above that SemiRestore is able to install on any computer running on Mac, Linux and Windows operating system. Please note that macOS version is still in beta stage and not available for public to try at now.

There are couple of other softwares which are required to have while running Semi-Restore on your computer to restore iOS firmware.

At last…

While PanGu iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is not untethered and you need to re-jailbreak each time when you reboot your iPhone or iPad, it’s advisable to use Cydia Eraser or Impactor instead of Semi-Restore because those tools can be run directly using your iPhone or iPad while SemiRestore requires PC having Windows or Linux operating system.

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If you’ve any doubt and wanna clear it about SemiRestore, you can comment right now, and we’d be available for you to clear your doubts…


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