How to Disable Press Home Button to Unlock iOS 10.2, Turn Off Quicky

How to Disable Press Home to Unlock on iOS 10.2 running on iPhone or iPad…

If you’ve tried iOS 10.2 or purchased brand new iPhone 7 with running on iOS 10.2, you may have already noticed missing feature “Slide to Unlock”.

Instead of Slide to Unlock, you may have noticed “Press Home to Unlock”. Apple replaced Slide to Unlock toggle with “Press Home to Unlock” text.

Actually, iPhone maker company has brought brand new features of unlocking your iPhone just by Touch ID. This can be done only using the devices which are Touch ID powered. It means if your device has Touch ID capability, you can unlock your iPhone just by touching Home button for once and you’d redirected to home screen.

Press Home to Unlock is optional text which can be removed easily. And still, you’d be able to touch home button to unlock iPhone with bypassing Press Home to Unlock text.

If you’re unhappy with Press Home to Unlock text, you can easily disable and remove entire text from lock screen while touching home button. You can read further or watch YouTube video which is given at bottom to easily turn off Press Home to Unlock button.

After upgrading to iOS 10.2, you’d have noticed this text which would require to press Home button at least once to open home screen, but after turning this feature off, you can easily use Touch ID feature in order to access home screen content.

To unlock your iPhone, you just need to register your fingerprint which can be used to disable Press Home to unlock and access home screen in few seconds. As soon as you touch Home button, you’d be entered on Home screen directly.

Disable Press Home to Unlock

Persnoally, I also don’t like to press home button in order to unlock iPhone. I often use Cydia tweaks to use Touch ID to access home screen and unlocking iPhone if I’m on jailbreak device.

Following simple buttons you can disable press home to unlock feature without any jailbreak or Cydia tweak running on iOS 10.2.

  1. You don’t need to edit any file like Enable Slide to Unlock feature to disable Press Home to Unlock. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and access General.
  3. You’d found Accessibility menu on the same page.
  4. Tap on Home button.
  5. Turn On “Rest Finger to Open” toggle.


After turning on Rest Your Finger to Unlock, you won’t be asked to press Home button in order to unlock iPhone next time whenever you want to access home screen of your iPhone. Unlocking iPhone would be so easy for you next time.

At last, this is too simple and easy to disable Press home to unlock while Slide to unlock feature was quite different. Do you want Slide to Unlock back? You can easily enable it if you’d edit a system file using iBackupBot.

We have published a detailed step by step tutorial that would teach you how to enable Slide to Unlock after disable Press home to unlock iPhone.

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  1. Grrr says:

    ~.~ still not helpful I am using an iPad Air and doesn’t have the option of resting fingers… and that’s still not the point. I do not want widgets on my lock screen and to use the home button just doesn’t feel right.

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