PanGu 10.3 Jailbreak: Waiting is Over – Finally Coming for iPhone With Cydia

iOS 10.3 is finally released publicly with bunch of improvements and new features…

If you were one of those users who were waiting to adopt this new update, it’s time to download and install iOS 10.3 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free.

This new update came with several new features along with bug fixes that patches Yalu jailbreak possibilities for iOS 10.3 jailbreak. Now, you’ve no hope for PanGu 10.3 or Yalu 10.3 jailbreak at least at the moment.

Good news is, if you’re Cydia users that PanGu is actually on final stage that can be a great moment for Cydia users if PanGu releases jailbreak 10.3 for free with Windows and Mac computer supported jbreak tool.

We’re getting constant update via Chinese PanGu Chanel that two members of this team is getting close to the untethered tool and it may be available very soon for public.

We all have witnessed a very slow progress on untethered jailbreak since two years now, and the scene is really worst for iOS 10 update which got only Yalu jailbreak which was not tethered. Many Cydia users are believing that PanGu is dead now and they won’t release any update in the future for Windows or Mac to jailbreak iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and 5S.

Many of those users are really sad because currently released Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak is not compatible for iPhone 6 and lower models. Additionally, it’s not Untethered jbreak too. However, Luca who is developer of Yalu tool is hoping to bring the support for older versions of iPhone with iOS 10.3 jailbreak which would be updated with the core files of iOS 10.2 jailbreak very soon.

However, PanGu would do their job too exactly like they did at the time of TaiG and PanGu war.

Update x1: Luca announced to update their existing jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3 and they’re updating it to make it compatible for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S too.

Update x2: PanGu shared details on Twitter about Jailbreak iOS 10.3 with the support of iPad and iPod Touch along with Cydia iOS 10.3 installer.

One of these teams may release iOS 10.3 jailbreak with Cydia and to get early instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 10.3, you want to keep connected with us. Just make comments and share your queries and to keep connected with us.

The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download iPadian iOS Emulator for PC/Computer/Mac/Windows

iPadian Emulator for Windows and MacOS specially to run iPad apps…

I personally need WhatsApp and other iOS apps to run on my Windows computer, but after a lot tricks I couldn’t get complete iOS platform on PC.

But now, there is iPadian iOS 10.2 available that brings iOS experience on my Windows and MacOS too. If you’re also one of me and thinking to enjoy iPad like experience on your Windows computer then you must get iPadian updated version.

Many users ask me that is it possible to run iOS apps on Windows. iPadian is one of the best answer to them. It’s developed so brilliantly that you won’t feel that you’ve Windows PC but you’d imagine that you’re running iOS on your iPad.

iPadian is not young baby because thousands of users love iPadian emulator and the number of users are growing very fast. The emulator developers are developing unmatched experience to bring iOS apps to your Windows computer.

I believe, it was toughest job for the developers to bring iOS 10.2 apps on Windows as iOS is restricted to Apple devices specially iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, iPadian has done a great job bringing same to same iOS interface to PC.

You must run download iPadian.exe windows file and install it. Once you run iPadian as Administrator, it would open alternative desktop that looks like iPad. You can open emulator any time from Taskbar even when you close the program by taping on cross button at right top corner of your Windows PC.

Some users like Lucky Patcher too specially those users who installs iPadian. There is no similarity between iPadian and Lucky Patcher, however the type of users is similar and the game lover loves to install both of these apps.

Jailbreak Apps     ,

Lucky Patcher Not Working? Download it [Without Root or Jailbreak]

Download Lucky Patcher updated version this way if it’s not working and follow the steps…

Most of the users either they’re Android users or having iPhone without any jailbreak always ask me about the trick to make Lucky Patcher work without jailbreak or no root.

Normally, it’s not possible. But, there are is a trick to make it compatible for non rooted or non jailbreak devices and to do that you have to read this article carefully.

I myself tried the trick and it’s working. If Lucky patcher not working on your device even after following all the steps, you can make some comments and get possible working way.

First of all, you’ve to download recently updated version of Lucky Patcher

If you’ve rooted Android device or jailbreak iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy Lucky Patcher all the way for limitless features, but there are some limits that prevent this in app purchase cra-cker to work properly without root or jailbreak.

You can still enjoy below features…

Create Customised APK

You can customise any app completely your way. It includes you can change permission or a new app, create custom patch with all the new settings even after removing ads and many things. After allowing unknown sources to install app, you can install this customised app created with Lucky Patcher.

Backup Any App

This feature would allow you to backup any app, however like rooted device, you won’t include data and settings available in current app that you wanna backup.

However, you can root your Android device to use all the features without any limits.

Free In App Purchases

In app purchases are the key to install Lucky Patcher because who won’t like Free in app Purchases? Even the key feature of the app is still focus around free in app purchases. However, you can do all related functions and operations with Lucky Patcher without Root.

How to Use Lucky Patcher

Once you successfully installed it, Lucky Patcher would work without any more trick. However disable couple of billing emulation before getting free in app purchase using this app process.

I would recommend to post comments to this article specially when you want every thing in details and with screenshots.

The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch     ,

Jailbreak10.2: Luca Todesco’s iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is Ready for iPhone 7

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 is gonna release next for iPhone 7…

Finally, Luca Todesco is ready to release the most awaited jailbreak for iPhone 7 very soon as a Christmas Gift to all iPhone users in the world.

But, the bad news is, untethered jbreak iOS 10.2 would work only for 64 bit devices and it won’t work on iPhone 5 or other iOS 10.2 compatible devices which are 32 bit devices.

However, iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 jailbreak is not so important, because iPhone 5S, 6, 6S and iPhone 7 users are more than older devices and suppose, Luca releases jbreak and Cydia iOS 10.2, it would be great gift for all Apple device owners to enjoy countless Cydia tweaks, jailbreak apps iOS 10.2 on their newly purchased iPhone 7.

At later part, we’d discus about top jailbreak tweaks compatible for iPhone 7 which can be installed and enjoy with Cydia 10.2 exclusigly released by Luca Todesco.

Now, the first priority for all iPhone users should be look for PanGu and Luca Todesco for the upcoming Cydia and jailbreak 10.2 combination for iPhone 7.

So, if you’re one of those users who is waiting iPhone 7 jailbreak, I’d suggest to look for Luca’s jailbreak iOS 10.2, because that is one of the most expected untethered jailbreak which can be come out very soon.

We’re keeping our eyes on those teams who can release jailbreak 10.2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. And thus, we’re started updating our blog specially to update you about new developments regarding iOS 10.2 jailbreak, Cydia apps, tweaks and iPhone 7 themes.

Updated on 31-1-2017: Luca has upgraded their Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.2 compatible for iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and other devices. To get complete list of compatible devices such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, comment please.

Best Cydia tweaks for iOS 10.2 jailbreak


I don’t need to say anything regarding Activator which is not only the best iOS 10.2 Cydia tweak, but one of the most installed jailbreak tweak ever on iPhone. It can change your iPhone all the way.

Without touching home button for multitasking and other features, you can use Activator to do all of these tasks.


I’d recommends Winterboard iOS 10.2, specially for theme lover who love different different themes for iPhone 7. You won’t be disappointed after installing Winterboard themes which is developed by Saurik itself.

The themes which are available on Winterboard are developed by individual developers while installer is created by Suarik, Cydia creator.


This is the best Cydia tweak for Home button. You can operate numerous operations without even single press on Home button.

Virtual Home would work excellent on iPhone 7, it’s free so you won’t need to add any other Cydia Sources to purchase this jailbreak tweak iOS 10.2.

Pokemon Go Hack

If you’re lover of Pokemon, you won’t miss some great Cydia apps dedicated to Pokemon Go hack.


I’d recommend all iPhone victims who are facing low storage on their iPhone to install CCCleaner Pro iOS 10.2 on your iPhone to save great storage capacity.


This is another control center tweak but not regular jailbreak app that does normal operations on your iPhone but CCSettings can perform some great task for your iPhone 7 if you consider to install CCSettings iOS 10.2.


If you’ve missed jailbreak 10.2, you can still download Prometheus iOS 10.2 tool on your Windows computor and downgrade iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.2.


AirBlue Sharing

Above both jailbreak tweaks are for sharing contents.


Cylinder and Barrel Cydia tweaks bring Android style page scrolling.

If you want any details about Luca Todesco iOS 10.2 jailbreak, you can comment below…


iOS 10.2 Jailbreak: What’s Going on Behind the Screen by PanGu with Cydia Developers

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 for iPhone 7…

If you’ve iPhone, you were thinking about jailbreak 10.2 which is near to release before iOS 10.2 by Apple. And most probably everybody who has upgraded to iOS 10.2 are eager to download next update which is compatible for jailbreak 10.2 PanGu.

I said and would repeat that it won’t be easy to bring untethered jailbreak with Cydia iOS 10.2 for iPhone 7 because device itself protected with highly advanced operating system developed by Apple and it’s iOS 10.2.

Apple is ready to do anything that they can to prevent jailbreaking and these are the initial steps. They actually take these activities too seriously because they don’t wanna loss the trust from the buys for their security proof iPhone device.

iOS 10.2 would be another firmware update for iPhone which is gonna super rock and may be PanGu won’t find any exploit to install Cydia on this firmware update too.

We’re getting news that PanGu and Luca Todesco are developing such jailbreak tool which can be released for iOS 10.2, but in reality there isn’t any tool out there on whole web, then why these websites publishing such news and why not they let the PanGu work alone!

Actually, if they’d stop publishing the developments which are performed in the background by PanGu and Cydia creators, you’d loss hope and interest for the upcoming jailbreak, thus the different websites and blogs are active to boost your confidence and faith in Cydia tweaks and PanGu for iOS 10.2 firmware too.

Now what to expect for the jailbreak for iOS 10.2? Is it possible to perform any untethered jbreak and install Cydia apps on our iPhone?

Look, if you’ve iPhone 7 or older Apple device, you will surely jailbreak iOS 10.2 and future updates using PanGu or any other untethered tool because these Chinese security researchers and developers are working to discover exploits for developing jailbreak apps and Cydia hacks in order to do something new for you. Their intension is not related to hacking, but they wanna create something new that can be inspiration for Apple too for creating new features.

Luca has demonstrated iOS 10.2 jailbreak, it means there is a huge possibility that PanGu or TaiG or even OverSky team would develop jailbreak iOS 10.2 in near future.

We just need to keep our hope continue for the Cydia 10.2 because if we’d stop responding for such news, we’d loss the continued interest from authors.

Now, I’ve too decided to publish each and every update about Jailbreak 10.2 which may be fall any time soon. I’d request to post at least one comment and respond to my thoughts.


iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Popped up on iPhone 7 by a Chinese Developers

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 for iPhone 7 Popped up…

iOS 10.2 jailbreak was most expected as PanGu considers iOS 10.2 as stable firmware update. However since a week, there isn’t PanGu jailbreak update released with Cydia iOS 10.2.

Meanwhile, Luca Todesco has proved again that he is really talented. Luca has once again demonstrated iOS 10.2 jailbreak with Cydia 10.2 on iPhone 7. Yeah, this is exactly the same iPhone 7 which is released this year exclusively by Apple.

The good news is, another Chinese security researcher has also claimed to have untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.2 which is working just fine. Interestingly, both of these jailbreak tools working on iOS 10.2 using iPhone 7 and both of these developers are from China. However, Luca Todesco would be the first hacker who has demonstrated untethered jailbreak 10.2 on iPhone 7 using Cydia installer iOS 10.2.

Now the bad news is, you most probably know that Luca never release any jailbreak in public. In such conditions, we should not expect anything from this Chinese security researcher. And most probably, he would save these iOS 10.2 exploits for developing another jailbreak iOS 10.2.2 and then one for iOS 10.2.3. This is how, Luca uses the same exploits for multiple firmware update until Apple patches them.

I’d update you here about iOS 10.2 which is already released and is under developer beta stage, so Apple is prepared with their next firmware update which brings couple of new features unlike iOS 10.2.

If any jailbreak team releases their untethered jbreak tool, Apple is already have another update ready to patch it. But at least, these Chinese developers should release jailbreak 10.2 and Cydia together for now. Who knows what happens in the future.

I remember those golden days for jailbreak which have been passed two years ago where these teams have released untethered jailbreak in frequent update.

TaiG, OverSky and PanGu are inactive since iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak and it seems like new Chinese hackers should show their talent in iOS jailbreak. As far as Cydia tweaks are concern, you may install Cydia apps on your compatible devices once the untethered jailbreak available for iOS 10.2.

Till then, comment, share your opinion and show your craze that you’re waiting for the next jailbreak iOS 10.2 for your iPhone and iPad…


There Won’t be New iPhone SE 2017, iPhone 7SE or 6SE at All

New iPhone SE 2017…

A Chinese security firm, KGI Securities has published a report about upcoming iPhoneSE 2017 and according to their report, there won’t be any refreshed and new iPhoneSE 2017 for any model, you should not expect iPhone 6SE, 7SE or 5SE next year in 2017.

There are bunch news about Apple coming since this week. A report claims, Apple is forcing various iPhone parts maker to reduce their prices so that Apple can keep their price lower in the high competition with various companies.

These reports are clear proof that iPhone SE maker company is now afraid of various Chinese and Korean companies who are taking over smartphone market so quickly. As we’ve noted that Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung has achieved a great smartphone market cap during 2016 and the competition would become more competitive during the year 2017.

Kuo says Apple isn’t expected to unveil the refreshed 2017 iPhone SE. According to their note, it’s clear that iPhone 7 may found competition from this smaller screen Apple phone if their release it in 2017. To avoid competition from their own brand, company want to avoid iPhone 7SE, 6SE or any new iPhone SE 2017 model at least not before 2018.

According to KGI, Apple is facing low earning during 2016 and it may continue in 2017 too because iPhone 7 is really costly because of high price spare parts and it would be really difficult for Apple to keep iPhone 7 price lower because of new iPhone SE release in 2017.

iPhone SE 2017

iPhone 7 spare part cost is too high and the cost that Apple bears is around $219 according to KGI report. The security firm doesn’t find iPhone 6SE, 7SE or 8SE anywhere in the upcoming year 2017. But yes, Apple may refresh SE line up with new iPhone SE 2018 in the upcoming new year.

People also won’t afford to purchase any iPhoneSE where they’re expecting iPhone6SE or iPhone7SE in the first place.

In such conditions, would you purchase iPhone SE 2017???


Apple Quickly Pushed iOS 10.2 to iPhone for Fixing Health Data System

iOS 10.2 is available for download and install for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch…

Apple is known as pushing quick updates for their devices and this truth has been proved by Apple once again when they’ve released two quick updates for iPhone, iPad and all compatible iPod Touch devices.

iOS 10.2 and the first beta of iOS 10.2 have been pushed to public and developers within a week. iOS 10.2 beta was pushed for developer testing while iOS 10.2 is out for public where compatible devices can install this update.

Just about a week ago, iOS 10.2 was released that was based on security patches, software bug fixes, lock screen widgets, Camera tweaks specially for new iPhone 7 Plus and some older devices.

However iOS 10.2 was still missing a serious bug fix which was known as Health Data System. Actually, there were some glitch exist in health data generating system so using iOS 10.2 users were not able to get accurate health data which was really annoying.

To fix all these issues, Apple pushed another future update iOS 10.2 to developers having a look at health data fix. So, both the software updates are in a corner of your device update section which can be easily download and install. It depends on your Apple ID account that you’ve registered as developer or just public user.

If you’re developer. you’d get iOS 10.2 beta update on your iPhone update section whereas other users would get iOS 10.2 notifications for update. These updates can be installed over the air and it’s free.

You can also look for iOS 10.2 download links for IPSW files to install on your iPhone and the same can be done for iOS 10.2 also. Would you install one of them?


The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 Status Update – Is PanGu Really Working, When is Next Untethered JB Coming?

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak status update…

iPhone 7 is already landed to Apple devices line up and finally iOS 10.2 is also released. Since two months, it was being said that when Apple would release iOS 10.2, PanGu would crack down iOS 10.2 for iPhone 7 and all 64-bit devices.

However even after a week, there isn’t any update coming from PanGu. Many of Cydia users were waiting for the upcoming jailbreak for iOS 10.2 and expecting that a Chinese team would work on the jailbreak and release it for iPhone and iPad.

Even many Cydia tweaks developers have left developing new jailbreak apps, tweaks for iPhone since a month. This week was the weakest week in which there was only 2 new Cydia tweaks was released for iPhone compatible for iOS 9.3.3.

Unfortunately large number of Cydia users have already moved to iOS 10.2 now and this was the primary reason that developers are not showing any interest in developing new tweaks and features for jailbreak.

In other hand, PanGu hasn’t issued any update and while searching on various search engines about PanGu and Cydia, there are some ugly websites hanging on the front page that have wrong information all the way.

Many users have requested PanGu to publish a dedicated web page where they should issue status of new updates coming for new firmware jailbreak such as iOS 10.2 for now. But, the Chinese team hasn’t replied about this request.

Right now, it’s tough to say any thing about new development and if PanGu would stop working on iOS 10.2 jailbreak, it would be end of jailbreaking, i guess. We all should show interest in jailbreaking via various campaign on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook so that any of Chinese developers would release jailbreak.

It was also being said that there is a way to get jailbreak through hardware hack which would be permanent jailbreak and you won’t jailbreak your iPhone 7 again and again. Plus, it would be work on all new firmware updates.

Suppose, it would be released such as iPhone 4 jailbreak, it would be great to jailbreak iPhone 7 and install Cydia apps, sources and all those tweaks which you’re missing.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on jailbreak 10.2…


How to Remove/Delete/Restore Default Apps from iOS 10.2 Running on iPhone, iPad

How to Delete Apps iOS 10.2 using iPhone 7…

The users who wanna uninstall or remove stock iPhone apps from iOS, you can do so using iOS 10.2. Latest version of iOS brings that feature for you if your device is compatible for iOS 10.2.

There would be bunch of apps out there on your iPhone which actually you don’t like. Suppose you like Google Gmail, stock mail app is useless for you. The same way there are bunch of apps out there which you may wanna delete.

In short you can delete default apps from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 10.2. In my case, I’ve deleted contacts app too. Actually, I use phone app to manage contacts so that I’ve deleted contact app from my iPhone. Anyway, you can uninstall whatever app you want.

There are bunch of options available in apps to remove such as Videos, Mail, iBooks, Podcasts, Compass, Apple Watch, Maps or Music app. So, you can delete all of these apps or just the apps which is useless for you.

And don’t worry about future because if you would change your mind for any particular app or all apps to install on your iPhone again, you can easily install them without any issue from Apple app store.

Yeah, it’s completely possible to restore apps from Apple app store. Suppose, you deleted mail app because you’re using Gmail but in future you wanna restore mail app too, then you have to head to Apple App store and search mail application from search option. From the result, tap on Mail app and tap on Restore, that’s it.

How to Delete Default Apps using iPhone

So below are the steps which you need to follow in order to uninstall, delete or remove apps from iPhone…

  1. First decide which app you wanna remove and then access your home screen.
  2. Scroll down different home screen pages and find out the apps which you wanna delete.
  3. Tap on each of apps which you wanna remove from your iPhone but one by one and tap on X button given on the app icon.
  4. Once you tap on that X button, system would ask you to confirm, just tap on Remove button to successfully delete app from iOS 10.2.

The apps which you’ve removed following above steps can be restore easily via App Store until then those apps would be disappear from your iPhone.

Please note some of the default apps won’t removed from your iPhone in which iPhone phone app, camera, settings, iMessage and couple of other apps are exist.

These apps are protected due to accessibility issues. To know all those apps which can be removed, you just try yourself by taping and holding that icon which app you wanna delete and X button would be appear. Suppose that X button is not appearing, it means that app won’t be removed.

If you’ve any question or query or confusion about above article regarding delete apps, you can leave comments below…