Downgrade 10.3 To iOS 10.2 for Jailbreak – Its Possible

How to Downgrade 10.3 iOS firmware to the earlier version…

I found many jailbreak users who are crazy about installing Cydia on their iPhone 7 running iOS 10.2, however, its nearly impossible to downgrade iOS 10.3 once you’ve upgraded to the newest update.

The primary reason for incompatibility for downgrade is, Apple stops signing old firmware as soon as they release new update to prevent possible jailbreak release.

We’ve seen couple of times in the past where jailbreak teams have released their untethered tools for older firmware since iOS 7. So, its advisable to save SHSH blobs in order to downgrade new firmware in case Apple stopped signing the targeted firmware.

There are certain tools available for successful downgrade the firmware. I’m talking for the situations where Apple stopped signing the firmware and you want to downgrade to that firmware.

As we know, Luca won’t release jailbreak for iOS 10.3. So, Yalu102 is only the tool which can be applied for iPhone running on compatible firmware. While most of users have upgraded to the newest firmware release by Apple. Downgrading is only the solution in this case if you want jailbreak back.

How to Downgrade 10.3 to iOS 10.2

We said, its possible to downgrade iOS 10.3 and also said that its nearly impossible. Both the statements are correct according to certain situations. Look, if you’ve saved SHSH blobs of iOS 10.2 using Prometheus, you can easily downgrade 10.3 to 10.2 without having any tension.

However at the same time, if you don’t have iOS 10.2 SHSH blobs, you can go back to iOS 10.2 from iOS 10.3 using any tool available on the net.

You’re still allowed to downgrade iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.2.1 so if you want to go back to that firmware, Apple would allow you to use iTunes officially to Downgrade 10.3 and restore iOS 10.2.1.

If you can’t live without jailbreak, you can wait for PanGu 10.3 or Yalu103 jailbreak in this case. Would you wait or downgrade?


FingerTouch Cydia Tweak: The Best iOS 10.2 Touch ID Tweak

FingerTouch, the best Touch ID Cydia tweak released for iOS 10.2…

If you’re jailbreak user and wanna try something new then you’d like to have some unique gestures using Cydia apps and you’re already aware of Activator tweak.

Today morning, FingerTouch iOS 10.2 tweak has touched jb App Store that allows users to create customised gestures using Touch ID feature that you’re already using to unlock, go to home and for unlocking purchases on App Store.

Touch ID which is one of the most important feature and function for any iPhone that have Touch ID enabled home button. It does many useful tasks and smart enough. It addresses single tap, double tap, pressing and many more things such as accessing Siri using long press.

FingerTouch uses full techniques offers by Touch ID and develops different kind of gestures that can be customised by…

  1. Single Tap
  2. Tap and Hold
  3. Double Tap
  4. Hold
  5. Triple Tap

Users are allow to create below gestures just by performing above actions using FingerTouch tweak…

  • Do nothing: Using this option, that action would be neutral and does nothing.
  • Lock Device: If you’ve selected this action, the device would be locked.
  • Go Home: Using this option, you’d access home screen.
  • App Switcher: If you want to access App Switcher, you can choose this feature and FingerTouch would allow you to choose double tap or hold or any gesture to access App Switcher.
  • LED Flashlight: Using above gesture, you can activate Flashlight that may be very handy while at night or on the go.
  • Take ScreenShot: You can even chose one of above gesture to capture screenshot of your iPhone screen using FingerTouch.
  • Open Siri: If you don’t like to hold up your home button to access Siri, you can use Finger Touch tweak to access Siri using above gesture.

You can choose gesture to access Control Center, Notification Center, putting in sleep mode or enable or disable couple of toggles such as Rotation lock etc.

All of mentioned actions and gestures can be easily assigned or performed using simple FingerTouch settings interface:


Plus, you can easily turn FingerTouch On or Off anytime from the settings menu. ┬áThe settings would be applied directly after you performed action and that doesn’t require any respring your device.

I personally found that all gestures work excellently except Touch and Hold or “Tap and Hold” gesture that creates some mess up while performing the gesture. So, choose None to that gesture and other gestures are easy to use.

I’ve configured double tap for App Switcher while triple tapping to turn on FlashLight. This is how, FingerTouch became one of my favourite Cydia tweak specially to use Touch ID effectively and make me Pro.

Badly below iPhone 5s devices can’t use this tweak as they don’t have Touch ID feature or function. So, all the compatible devices can jailbreak and download FingerTouch iOS 10.2 tweak for free.

You may want to look at BigBoss repo that has hosted FingerTouch tweak on Cydia. You can search the tweak and instantly install it without any fee.

If you want to know anything else related to FingerTouch, you can use below comment form to ask…

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Install Cydia iOS 10.3 for iPhone, iPad – Yalu Jailbreak

Download Cydia iOS 10.3 on compatible iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPad devices…

Apple introduced APFS aka Apple File System for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is compatible for iOS 10.3. It means, iOS 10.3 would be more tougher to jailbreak and installing Cydia as well.

Over the time, we understood one thing that the development over jailbreak for unlocking iPhone and downloading Cydia on it becomes slower than expected and suddenly it get robust from new or experienced developers team.

iOS 8 and iOS 9 Jailbreak, Cydia

Last time when TaiG failed to released jailbreak for iOS 9, PanGu done a great job and they’ve managed to release series of untethered and tethered Jailbreak with the combination of Cydia installer.

Before that, TaiG released number of successful untethered jailbreak for iOS 8 which was quite peaceful time because that time all iPhone and iPad along with iPod touch were supported in a single jailbreak update. At that time many new Cydia tweaks developer came into community and show their talent by releasing new tweaks, sources as well as Cydia hacks.

Yalu iOS10.2 Cydia, Jailbreak

Finally, Apple done an incredible update for iPhone with iOS 10. The Mac developer company introduced one of the most advanced and feature rich firmware update along with several big changes to graphics, features and hardware for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

iOS 10 was more tougher to install Cydia and jailbreaking. You can say that it was nearly impossible for any team to crackdown iOS security system to unlock iPhone for installing must have Cydia apps, sources and repo addresses.

Thanks to Luca. The rising star, Luca brought the first ever iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak for iPhone 7 and other 64-bit devices and proved that nothing is impossible. This time PanGu failed to show his talent like TaiG in the past.

Later on, Luca updated his tool for iOS10.2 jailbreak and Saurik has timely updated Cydia iOS10.2. This was also tethered jailbreak for small number of iPhone and iPad devices. Anyway, the community got second impossible tethered tool in form of Yalu.

Cydia iOS 10.3, Jailbreak 10.3 – Yalu or PanGu

iOS 10.3 is announced with APFS, the file system that I mentioned above. It is being said that it would be more harder, tougher to jailbreak and finally there would be less chance for iOS 10.3 Cydia.

Again, it is expected that PanGu would come into effect and would release tether and untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.3. This time, there won’t be TaiG or OverSky for any new updates.

But again, Luca tweeted that he would keep continue updates of jailbreak for iPhone 7 in the future for iOS 10.3 too. So, I guess there is still chance with Cydia to install our favourite jailbreak apps as well as some incredible game hacks such as Pokemon Go and Mario.

We’re in search of getting most exciting and breaking news about iOS 10.3 using various trusted sources directly from team members of Yalu and PanGu jailbreak teams. And, we believe that there would be surely several updates over and over for future firmware updates.

Updated on 6th Feb, 2017: Apple released iOS 10.3 for all public beta tester and it is expected that APFS would be installed with the firmware update for all public version start form release.

Would you upgrade iOS 10.3 or you still wanna enjoy Cydia iOS10.2?


Flex Cydia Tweak: Get Updated to iOS 10.2 iPhone, iPad

Flex iOS 10.2 is now available for iPhone, iPad…

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 is released now and there are many new and old Cydia tweaks are being updated to the new firmware according to new opportunity. Flex 3 is one of them which is getting update and may be the new name of this tweak would be Flex 4 or the existing one.

Mostly developers and expert users love Flex tweak to change behavior of other apps installed on iPhone or iPad. During the last tethered jbreak, developer of Flex has published beta of the app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on jailbreak firmware.

New version of Flex app comes in beautiful color tabs that look cool and users love the features and options that this tweak provides. You can customize the tab according to downloads during past 24 hours and so on.

Flex Cydia

Currently, Flex is available on beta repo source from where you can download and install Flex iOS 1o.2 jailbreak app.

Users running the latest jbreak firmware can add the beta repo source to their app store and search for Flex 3 for now until developer changes the name of new updated version. And don’t worry about price, Flex Cydia tweak is completely free.

Updated on 1st Feb 2017: Flex 3 is updated to iOS 10.2 jailbreak which can be installed by searching on BigBoss repo sources. Yeah, the tweak is uploaded on famous Cydia repo from now.

If you want know anything else, please comment below…

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CallBar iOS 10.2: Brings the Best Calling Functions on jailbreak device

CallBar Cydia tweak for iOS 10.2 iPhone…

iOS 10.2 has cool user interface (UI), but still it misses some core calling features that CallBar tweak brings.

Thanks to the developers who have upgraded the tweak for most current and updated jailbreak release. Now, CallBar works on iPhone 7 to iPhone SE without any issue.

You know that once you picked up any call, you’d be redirected to phone app and everything remaining which is happening or all the tasks would be go in the background until you tap on home button and then multitasking to bring that app in the first place. It’s very annoying, n?

CallBar iOS 10.2 app brings option to pick any call without any compromise with current active app and your whole calling conversation would be handled in the background without disturbing you anyway.

We’re sure that sometimes in the future Apple would bring CallBar app like features on their stock iPhone app. I’ve attached CallBar tweak demonstration video that can be handy for you to look forward.

CallBar is updated to iOS 10.2, however according to developers that iOS 10.2 compatible tweak doesn’t have any new feature, but you can enjoy all features that you’re enjoying in the previous tweak version on previous jailbreak device.

One more thing that should be noted that some devices such as iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t support CallBar at full swing. So, please check all compatible devices before purchasing or installing it on your iPhone or iPad.

The good thing is, CallBar also works with the combination of FaceTime calls. It means, you can attend FaceTime calls like Call Bar Style. So, it looks cool and convenient to handle all the calls same way.

One weak point for CallBar iOS 10.2 is, its paid tweak and you have to purchase in order to try your hands on this tweak. BigBoss may charge $3.99 for one time installation while upgrade is also chargeable.

Below is the video demo which may convince you to purchase this beautiful Cydia tweak for calling…

If you’ve any query or confusion, you can comment below and we’d be more than happy to fix your issue. Please comment regarding CallBar for any query you’ve.

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Cydia iOS 10.2 Jailbreak – Download Now for iPhone 7, iPhone 6, 6S, 5S, iPad

iOS 10.2 Cydia – Jailbreak 10.2 are something that every iPhone users want on their device…

Yalu is released with Cydia installer and everybody wanna download them on their iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad and on other devices at any cost. One of our team member said me to rise fund for jailbreak team to release their untethered tool for Apple devices.

Cydia iOS 10.2 is downloaded thousands of times during three days and this shows how crazy peoples are on jailbreak app store. If you’re one of these guys, you should look for upcoming Cydia iOS 10.3 from now because PanGu is also in the line up to release their creation this month or the next month.

Most of the time when one team release their jailbreak, other developer team applies wait and watch and this is right approach because if other team would release their exploits, there would be no use and all the exploits would be wasted.

Cydia 10.2 jailbreak is available on Yalu website and of course from Saurik that brings opportunity to download apps and tweaks without any restriction. I tried many new things on my iPhone but BioProtect and Virtual Home were my primary tweaks followed by Springtomize and Activator and of course Winterboard. Most of these Cydia tweaks are free available on jailbreak app store.

Unlike previous Cydia installer or iPA installer, current app store tweaks don’t work with each and every jailbreak software and that’s because Yalu is still in beta stage.

Luca who is developer of Yalu works hard to make it stable. He has released Yalu iOS 10.2 beta 7 that supports iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and other devices that includes some older iPhone models.

If Cydia not working on your iPhone, you should look for fixing it which is quite simple and easily. First of all, you should download Cydia installer and update it with the most current released package from Saurik.

If you face any difficulty installing Cydia, I would recommend users to post one like comment to get proper solution.

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CCSettings iOS 10.2: Redesign Control Center with Cydia Tweak

CCSettings Cydia Tweak available for iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad…

Control Center of iPhone is really simple, but looks amazing. However, it needs some customization such as there are couple of sections exist which are useless and covers main part of control center.

iOS 10.2 brings beautiful control center which looks round and effective. It would look more beautiful if there are some options to customize it. You can use CCSettings iOS 10.2 that does exact what an expert want from the tool to customize control center.

You can consider CCControls, CCSettings, CCToggles, CCMore and CCQuick as the best Control Center Cydia Tweaks at the moment.

Auxo Legacy Edition is also great option if you want app switcher with the control center, but according to may experience it would look messing so avoid Auxo iOS 10.2 tweak. Consider CCSettings that changes couple of things you want.

Note: All of these Control Center Cydia Tweaks mentioned above are only work on jail broken iPhone or iPad using Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak, if you want PanGu iOS 10.3 jailbreak compatible Jailbreak Apps, you need to search on our blog or wait for the jailbreak as well.

So, today’s pick is CCSettings and we’d gonna show you some useful features for this tweak. CCSettings is the tweak which is uploaded by BigBoss repository and can be installed for free from many jbreak sources out there on store.

Once CCSettings is installed, you’re ready to add, remove or edit couple of options out there on Control Center. You can completely redesign your iPhone control center. As it’s free, you’re getting less options to customize comparing to other paid control center tweaks out there.

Do you need it, comment please…

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Yalu iOS 10.3 Jailbreak: Updated On 1 Feb 2017

Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.3, coming for iPhone 7 too…

Everybody is talking about Yalu jailbreak that is available for recently released firmwares. Now, the team is looking forward to publish most advanced untethered jbreak iOS 10.3 for iPhone 7 because i7 was missing in the support list of previous jailbreak.

Luca has done a great job along with the support from Saurik who has upgraded Cydia for the tool available. iOS 10.3 has more new features and Apple is trying to make their own Apple File System which would make whole process of jailbreaking more hard.

Still Yalu iOS jailbreak is not stable but if they release iOS 10.3 jailbreak, it would encourage more and more users to download and install on their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Pro which are most possible devices to get support at this point.

However, Luca was failed to make Yalu as stable version of previous jailbreak tools even after several beta updates released. But at the end, there is someone is able to release something unlike TaiG and PanGu who were failed to release any untethered solution for whole series of iOS 10 firmware update.

The current jailbreak is available for iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and iPhone SE which is quite surprising because iPhone 7 Yalu jailbreak isn’t available and iPhone 6 is also missing in the release note of Yalu tethered tool. Everyone is expecting full device support in the upcoming iOS 10.3 jailbreak compatible for Windows and Mac computers as well.

Should you wait for iOS 10.3 jailbreak or do it with the current one?

I think you should enjoy each and every release by Yalu if you’ve supported device. Yeah, you can skip and you don’t have any option other than that if you’ve iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 in your hand. We can expect those devices to be supported in jailbreak iOS 10.3 Yalu tool.

One more thing you should take care that Yalu is tethered tool and one should try it with his own risk as you’re trying beta build which can brick your iPhone or iPad at any point during the process of jailbreak 10.3.

Yeah, you can also wait for PanGu iOS 10.3 jailbreak which is also expected to come in the competition with Yalu. Cydia iOS 10.3 would be the same whether you use PanGu or Yalu or even TaiG untethered tool.

Luca who is developer of Yalu jailbreak is working hard to make it compatible for both Windows 10 and MacOS including the compatible devices such as iPhone, iPad and SE.

Update X1: Luca has done a great job releasing tethered jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. Now, you can use his Yalu tool to unlock iPhone running iOS 10.2. iOS 10.3 Jailbreak is coming within two months including iPhone 7.

Would you use iOS 10.3 jailbreak? Which is your favorite jailbreak team – PanGu or Yalu?


CyDown iOS 10.2: Download All Cydia Tweaks For Free!

CyDown Cydia Tweak is ultimate option to get Paid Cydia Tweaks for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

90% customization of iOS platform comes from Cydia or jailbreak tweaks if we talk about iPhone or iPad. And, 60% of those customization is available as paid. So, if you’re thinking to get anything free, you need to look for CyDown Cydia tweak.

Using this cool tweak, you can install any of paid jailbreak tweaks completely free from any Cydia Source you want. But again, there are some tweaks are still exist which are not able to work with CyDown, so you can’t get them as free even after installing the ultimate paid tweak maker.

Note: I recommend to purchase Paid Cydia tweaks because developers are working hard to make them better for you and if you’d get them completely free, then they’d get nothing for their hard work. So, use CyDown just for trying them and if you’d like those tweaks, purchase is the best option to help developers.

Requirements to install CyDown iOS tweak

To have this tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you need to complete below requirements first…

  1. You must have jailbreak: This is initial requirement to install CyDown tweak on your iPhone or iPad. Use Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak or PanGu whatever you get to jailbreak your device.
  2. Cydia or iPA installer: Without iPA installer you can’t install any tweak and for once you need Cydia installer too. So at the time of jailbreaking your iPhone, you should choose to install Cydia as well.

Done. Now, you can add CyDown repo source and install it for your iPhone.

How to Install CyDown Cydia Tweak

Now when you’ve Cydia installer, you can add source for said jailbreak app. Follow below steps and add repo address to the directory.

  1. Enable WiFi and Open Cydia.
  2. Tap on Sources tab and Add
  3. Above is the CyDown repo source which you must add in order to install it.
  4. Now, you can tap that source after adding it and search the tweak to install.
  5. After installation CyDown, just reboot or restart your iPhone or iPad.
  6. Done.

You’ve successfully installed CyDown Cydia tweak. If you don’t know how to use it, you can make a comment and ask whatever confusion you have.

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PanGu 10.3 Jailbreak: Waiting is Over – Finally Coming for iPhone With Cydia

iOS 10.3 is finally released publicly with bunch of improvements and new features…

If you were one of those users who were waiting to adopt this new update, it’s time to download and install iOS 10.3 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free.

This new update came with several new features along with bug fixes that patches Yalu jailbreak possibilities for iOS 10.3 jailbreak. Now, you’ve no hope for PanGu 10.3 or Yalu 10.3 jailbreak at least at the moment.

Good news is, if you’re Cydia users that PanGu is actually on final stage that can be a great moment for Cydia users if PanGu releases jailbreak 10.3 for free with Windows and Mac computer supported jbreak tool.

We’re getting constant update via Chinese PanGu Chanel that two members of this team is getting close to the untethered tool and it may be available very soon for public.

We all have witnessed a very slow progress on untethered jailbreak since two years now, and the scene is really worst for iOS 10 update which got only Yalu jailbreak which was not tethered. Many Cydia users are believing that PanGu is dead now and they won’t release any update in the future for Windows or Mac to jailbreak iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and 5S.

Many of those users are really sad because currently released Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak is not compatible for iPhone 6 and lower models. Additionally, it’s not Untethered jbreak too. However, Luca who is developer of Yalu tool is hoping to bring the support for older versions of iPhone with iOS 10.3 jailbreak which would be updated with the core files of iOS 10.2 jailbreak very soon.

However, PanGu would do their job too exactly like they did at the time of TaiG and PanGu war.

Update x1: Luca announced to update their existing jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3 and they’re updating it to make it compatible for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S too.

Update x2: PanGu shared details on Twitter about Jailbreak iOS 10.3 with the support of iPad and iPod Touch along with Cydia iOS 10.3 installer.

One of these teams may release iOS 10.3 jailbreak with Cydia and to get early instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 10.3, you want to keep connected with us. Just make comments and share your queries and to keep connected with us.

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