iPhone 7 Clone $99 Plus Purchase DHGate Link Goophone i7 2016

iPhone 7 Clone is available on DHGate for $99…

Just before iPhone 7 Plus release, some Goophone i7 appeared on DHGate and some other Chinese websites for around $99 and below it.

I’m surprised to see that iPhone 7 Clone is available for $99 with free shipping to USA, UK and Canada. They’ve launched two different models for clone.

One is iPhone 7 Clone whereas other is iPhone 7 Plus Clone. They’re calling these clones as Goophone 7 Plus and Goophone i7.

You can demo those clones at YouTube website where couple of iPhone 7 Clones have been uploaded for demonstration.

Meanwhile, Meizu which is also Chinese brand announced brand new Meizu Pro 7 which looks like iPhone 7 original.

However, Meizu is official brand and it’s not related with anywhere between Goophone i7 and iPhone 7 Clone at any matter. Because, you’ve noticed Meizu Pro 6 which was looking like iPhone 6S and better than it.

Anyway, iPhone 7 Clone (Goophone 7) is available on some Chinese website for sale which can be purchased from any country the user want.

I’ve removed purchase link after user’s request. And, I would mention that these iPhone 7 Clones are not support calling, SMS service because they use fake imei and need to be changed before use.

Note: There are many true iPhone 7 clone available which can be used for calling and SMS without any issue after some configuration to the settings.

You can ask for the link with the reason why you want buy iPhone 7 Clone (Goophone i7) where original phone is just about to release…

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  1. Daniel says:

    I’m Interested Buy One

  2. sell my watch says:

    this was great


  3. Anonymous says:

    i would like the link so i prank a friend

  4. God says:

    supply the fuckin’ link bitch!

    • Attila Morvai says:

      I think link has been removed by the author for iPhone 7 Pro Clone. I don’t know why but it may be possible that some Chinese users don’t want to show their website link anywhere.

      However you can easily get iPhone 7 clone link from YouTube which is in start from $99 to $150 and you can easily purchase them from DH Gate and other websites for free shipping to your country why are DHL or FedEx.

      goophone i7 Plus or goophone i7 Pro can be purchased from there which are available in different color such as Gold or Rose Gold for the same price.

  5. Manuel Molina says:

    I’d purchase iPhone 7 Pro Clone
    can you predict price for iPhone 7 Pro Clone?

  6. Brian Chiem says:

    Is that clone has two camera into a goophone i7? According to analytics the new iPhone 7 camera contains two into one device. I want to make it sure before purchase. And you’re right that SIM service won’t work on certain models, but it based on country. If you’re living in India, it won’t work, but USA can manage it some how. You can purchase iPhone 7 Clone if you want to show off before release.

  7. Al Fresco says:

    This is really low price and at this price point I would never miss new iPhone 7. Can you give me the link from where you’ve purchased it? I want to buy it from DHGate. They offer shipping from DHL in cheap price in USA

    • Arman gamer says:

      But before ordering through DHL, you should think about Custom charges. DHL, FedEx and other top shipping method would attract custom charges which would be count on original device price not the goophone price.

      Suppose,you’re ordering iPhone 7 Clone worth $99, but at the time of custom and duty counting, the government would count the price of $700 or more based on new iPhone 7 price and would count custom on that price.

      Please make sure and contact to DHGate seller about custom charges. At the end of the delivery you’d end up custom charges more than the actual price of your Goophone 7.

      • Guilherme Zagonel says:

        Wow, you got it!

        I had purchased iPhone 6S Clone worth $183+$47 DHL shipping. Do you know how much I paid for Custom? Custom charges were around $150

        It was really very dramatic and bad experience for me. One more thing, SMS and Calling service was not working. Camera was also not working.

        So, before ordering iPhone 7 Clone, think about all of these things. They’d offer Golden, Rose Gold, Black color with 8 GB to 32GB storage for free, but won’t tell you that firmware is buggy.

        Please note all of those things.

        • Joseph Coleman says:

          This is pretty common and that’s why I never prefer to look any clone phone price. Never watch iPhone clone price or features and you’d never be attracted to these devices.

          Do you know I’m attracted on iPhone 7 Plus Clone and I’m planning to by from True clone USA.


      • Anonymous says:

        Can you still supply the link?

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