iOS 10.0.2 Has Been Unveiled by Apple for iPhone 7 to Fix Camera Issues and to patch PanGu, PPHelper

iOS 10.0.2 fixes Camera issues for iPhone 7 which has been released by Apple…

The new version of iOS has been released to fix major performance, features and security issues combined with iOS 10.0.2 by Apple.

To remind you and perhaps you’re facing those issues which we’re going to mention here. Many users including our test devices (iPhone 5, iPod Touch 6G and some iPad) running on iOS 10.0.1 faced many issues. The common issue was hanging during accessing control center and going to back from Message app.

Camera app is also little buggy and it was must to redesign or fix the missing features. To fix some of these features and performance issues, Apple released iOS 10.0.2 for iPhone 7 and all older devices which were compatible for running iOS 10.0.1.


Once you’ve installed iOS 10.0.2, you’d be able to capture pictures in portrait mode using iPhone 7 Plus device. So here, Apple tried to improve couple of features which were missing.

We haven’t tested iOS 10.0.2 till now so it’s remains to test hanging issues on older devices, but we think Apple is aware of these things and may be fix in upcoming updates soon.

It’s also expected that Apple has identified PanGu 10.0.2 exploits to prevent jailbreak iOS 10.0.2 with this update. Apple doesn’t took any beta tests before releasing iOS 10.0.2 which could be minor update before iOS 11.1.2.

The new update is available on iPhone and iPad along with iPod Touch devices exclusively on their device software update section. You can update your device using OTA update or download and install iOS 10.0.2 directly using iTunes by signing your Apple account using compatible device.

If you’ve any issues after installing iOS 10.0.2, you can comment below…


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