How to Download iOSEmus iOS 11 Without Jailbreak for iPad Pro, iPhone, OS X PC

 How to Install iOSEmus 11 without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running on iOS 11 or later firmware.

We’re gonna deep in this regard and show you some ways to download iOSEmus for iPhone or iPad running without jailbreak or on previous firmware versions.

Yeah, it’s possible now to get hands on iOSEmus which is one the most popular iPhone game emulator at the moment and hot of the talk.

The main and easy side of iOSEmus is, it’s web application and doesn’t require you to jailbreak in order to adjust itself on your iPhone. You’re right at this topic, because It’s one of the easiest source to allow you to install your favorite game emulators and many other apps without jailbreak or actually installing on your iPhone.

iOSEmus can be added on your iPhone home screen without installing it on your iPhone or iPad, So, it consumes very low storage space of your device. In return, it allows user to install his favorite game emulator on the device.

According to the developers, you can download iOSEmus and install bunch of apps and couple of apps are listed below which you can read and install on your device without jailbreak or no Cydia.

Above apps are just a trailer and you can hands on Emu4iOS, GBA4iOS and other game emulators as well was PopCorn Time and CinemaBox which is released recently. So, ultimately, iOSEmus is fun to install on your device without jailbreaking your device at all.

The founder of this app is AiiR and according to the developer, web app is the easiest solution to offer users to install their favorite apps without jailbreaking. The primary goal of creating is achieved as he has developed web app that allows user to install their favorite apps on iPhone without jailbreak.

To test the app, we’ve install couple of above listed apps using iOSEmus on our iPhone and we found that it’s one of the best and easiest web application that actually works. If you’re one who were searching some apps like this one, then you should instantly download iOSEmus on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone and enjoy great apps without jailbreak.

Download iOSEmus for iPhone

Note: If iOSEmus not working, try Safari and reinstall it. Or follow below steps to refresh download from the developer site.

  1. Now, first thing to do first. Try your favorite Safari browser and open iOSEmus.US website. The exact link which is provided above.
  2. You’d notice the installation link where you need to tap on “Install” button.

Now, the app would itself install on home screen of your device. If you’ve iPhone then tap on home button and scroll down the icon pages and find out iOSEmus app and open it.

Once you open the app, you’d see various sections such as top or best apps, newest apps, most downloaded apps and etc. You need to tap each of them and find out your favorite apps.

Once you choose the app, tap on download or install button and iOSEmus would install it on your iPhone.

Note: the app installed by iOSEmus would install on your device hard drive means, it won’t be web application at all.

If you’ve any comment or confusion, leave a comment and we’re here to help you…

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  1. Gabriel Anaya says:

    I’m really feeling unhappy posting this comment about iOSEMus. Actually, this is negative comment about iOS EMus. I read the article and installed F.lux tweak on my iPhone 5 running on iOS 11.1.2, but even after trying tens of times, Flux won’t install.

    But, when I tried AirShou, it installed and started working from the same iOSEmu. If F.lux is working on your device using iOSEmus please make a comment about process.


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