Download AppSync Unified 5.5 for iOS 10.1 – Updated

AppSync 5.5 released for iOS 10.1 – Download now

AppSync Cydia tweak is a must have for jailbreak users specially for them who use vShare, 25PP and other in-app cracker Cydia apps. Recently, the new version of this tweak introduced to power iOS 10.1 named AppSync Unified 5.5.

iOS 10.1 AppSync Unified 5.5 is compatible for iOS 10.1 and all other older versions of jailbroken firmware. Its available on Karen Tsai repo source. The users can now download AppSync and install it on iPhone, iPod, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

If you’re not aware of AppSync Unified Cydia tweak, you should take a look at below detailed articles on AppSync Unified app that how to install it and how to use AppSync in various games, apps and hacks.

AppSync Unified Cydia tweak can be used to install unsigned app package on jailbroken iPad, iPod and iPhone. Most of users use it to install cracked apps, but its not the main usage of AppSync according to the developer. AppSync Unified app can be used in various purpose stated in above link, but its mostly useful in piracy of application. Anyways, if you’re app developer, you can use AppSync to install unsigned apps to iPhone or iPad.

AppSync Unified iPhone app can be installed after jailbreaking your device. If it’s not jailbroken, you can’t install AppSync. Furthermore, Unified version of this tweak is available only on Karen’s Cydia repo which is accessible only with Cydia app which can be installed only after jailbreaking. So, simply jailbreak your device to use AppSync.

You can use TaiG, PP Jailbreak tool to jailbreak your iPhone. The simple thing is, if you’ve Windows, then use TaiG 2.4.1 jailbreak tool. And, if you’ve Mac OS X, then use PP Jailbreak latest version to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone.

I would recommend users to use TaiG 2.4.1 as its stable. If you’ve Windows operating system, then TaiG may be helpful to you in jailbreaking your iOS 10.1 device. The main purpose of TaiG is, it installs Cydia installer which is useful to download and install AppSync Unified 5.5 app to iOS device.

Once you got Cydia app on your iPhone, you’re ready to add Karen Tsai’s repository and download AppSync Unified 5.5. Open the app called Cydia on your iPhone just after connecting your iPhone to WiFi or 4G and add below repo source…

Finish adding above AppSync repo source to Cydia and then return to the app to install AppSync Unified. So, from Cydia app front page, tap on packages and tap on the repository that you’ve added in above step.

Now, scroll down and find out “AppSync Unified 5.5” which is updated specially for iOS 10.1. Install it and reboot your iPhone or iPad.

That’s it.

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  1. Meh says:

    It won’t download, it just opens the same page in a new tab.

  2. my name is jeeefff says:

    the appsync app isnt showing up

  3. Gabriel Anaya says:

    Works quite well on iOS 9.1 jailbreak. But I want iOS 10.1 AppSync too. I’ve iPhone 6S Plus and it’s running on iOS 10.1 which can’t be jailbreak. So, need AppSync 10.1 in order to install some paid apps.

    • says:

      Actually it works well on ios 10.1. I installed jailbreak, then latest version of appsync unified and then installed ifunbox on pc. now I can add any cracked app

  4. Peter John says:

    10.10% works on iOS 9.1
    Tested on iPhone running 9.1 and confirmed

  5. GhaniKing Amazigh says:

    not working 10.10%.

    • Michael josheph says:

      I’ve tried all previous versions of appsync. It’s the best Cydia tweak and now it got official developers
      Thanks to them

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