InstagramUICustomizer Cydia Tweak let you customize Instagram UI

InstagramUICustomizer tweak released for iPhone, iPad for jailbroken firmware…

A new jailbreak tweak, we can say brand new Cydia tweak is released for Instagram users to colorize user interface of Instagram that is known as InstagramUICustomizer. Yeah friends, this tweak can be like gift for you if you love to give some color to Instagram app on iPhone.

Wylliam Altman is the developer who has created InstagramUICustomizer app for iPhone. We’ve tried it and it really worked great for us. You can also give a try, but before that you should read remaining article.

What can be done using this tweak? Friends, once this tweak has been installed on your iPhone, you would be able to colorize navigation bar and many other things on Instagram app. To do this, you must head to Settings app after installing tweak and there you’d see the settings pane for this tweak.

Within Settings app, you can enable or disable InstagramUICustomizer. You can choose default colour and alternative bottom bar. You’ve certain other options are also available there.

We’ve noticed a some bugs there, actually its not bug, but the developer have forgot to include respring button there. So after making any changes you must respring manually using either PowerDown or any other way to respring your device to apply changes. If you know any other way to respring iPhone, you can use it too.

The developer recommends to turn of Instagram app before making any changes to Instagram iPhone app.

The tweak can be easily installed from BigBoss repo source. As its free for now, you can download and install without paying anything. Plus, InstagramUICustomizer is compatible for iOS 10 as well as iOS 9 jailbreak too.

Please note that Instagram app can break this tweak any time in the future because in many cases while using this tweak, it failed to work properly. In many cases InstagramUICustomizer not working smoothly due to Instagram app.

If you’ve any issues like that, you can comment below…

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TeamViewer for iPhone: iOS 11 Lets You Share Screen using Team Viewer iOS 11

TeamViewer iPhone app is available for iOS 11…

Many users including me require device access on Mac or computer or on other device for many reasons. For any reason, users have to access other device screen other the air, but till yet there wasn’t any TeamViewer like app available for iPhone to allow such screen sharing.

Fortunately, the developers have TeamViewer have added the support and released and app for iOS 11 dedicating to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices to share their device screen with other devices using this app.

You have heard about ARKit, developed by Apple for iOS. Its finally coming to iOS for iPhone with iOS 11 and iPhone 8. Before ARKit support, it was nearly impossible for iPhone to share screen with other devices.

The developers of TeamViewer have made a clear announcement that from iOS 11, using ARKit, they’d start supporting iPhone and other devices such as iPad and iPod Touch to make them compatible for sharing screen with other compatible devices.

Ultimately after this update, PC whether they’re Mac and Windows or other operating system on your computer would start getting support to get access to your device using TeamViewer. As you know, this app is commonly free for many devices for personal use, it would be completely free for iPhone too.

So after getting update of iOS 11 and TeamViewer you won’t need any third party app or way to share screen with other iPhone or iPad or even to your computer. Just download TeamViewer for iPhone and that’s it.

Would you use it?


SmartLowPower Cydia Tweak: Increase iPhone Battery Life

SmartLowPower can save huge battery life of your iPhone…

Whenever we purchase new phone, we always consider battery life even having existing device, we tweak it to get decent battery life. During this period, we often try various power saving tricks.

Normally these days, we need high battery life to battle with huge usage whole day. Most iPhone only give you a day battery life and if you forget to charge it at night, you get empty battery level next morning.

You may know that doing some tricks, you can actually save a huge battery life such as Activating Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode or disabling some features at night when you don’t need such battery eating heavy features. But, can you enable or disable all of these feature each and every day manually? Can you do it?

Here, SmartLowPower Cydia tweak comes very handy for you to do all of these things. It take cares of your usage by enable and disable battery eater features at the right time when you don’t need them.

You may know that on iOS, you can enable low power mode to extend battery power at some level. And, Airplane mode also give you additional battery life by disabling all network and mobile services so that your battery can run longer.

However, we can’t enable and disable these features manually without fail. I can enable low power mode a day, but at the same time it may be possible that the next day I’d forget to enable Low Power Mode at some point of battery level or enable Airplane mode at night.

SmartLowPower can do all of these things automatically for you. Yeah, this Cydia tweak is really very customizable and one can easily customize based on his own preference.

Smart Low Power name indicates how smartly this tweak can increase your iPhone battery life without tweaking with your usage. SmartLowPower is available on BigBoss repo from where you can install this tweak completely free.

Once SmartLowPower installed, you’d notice Settings app where you must configure this tweak to get decent battery life. You’ve to configure Low Power Mode, Airplane Mode and other features.

Tweak would enable Low Power Mode and Airplane mode based on your preference. Suppose, you’ve configured Activating Low Power Mode at 30%, the tweak would enable low power mode automatically at 30%.

Same thing would happened with Airplane mode. Suppose, you don’t need network services at night, you can configure the tweak that way and SmartLowPower tweak would enable Airplane mode at night at some period of time.

That’s it, you can now increase battery life at your own style. If you’ve any confusion or query, you can comment below…

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Cydia Impactor iOS 11.0.1: Saurik Updates Installer

Finally Saurik, the developer of Cydia, updates impactor for iOS 11 running on iPhone…

Before starting anything in regards on Cydia, I must tell you that we’re talking about Cydia Impactor and not a iPhone application that you use after jailbreak. Actually, you can install any application as sideload with the help of this on any iOS version whether it is jailbroken or not.

Simply, you can install any downloaded unsigned app on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak using Cydia Impactor. Now when you got it what we’re going to tell you, it depends on you how you react, but believe me, this app is really awesome because partially it also works like Cydia installer in the first place.

You can download and install Tutuapp, vShare, 25PP, Kuaiyong or any game emulator with this app. You should keep another thing too in your mind that you must need computer whether its MacOS or Windows, Cydia Impactor is available for both of these computers.

So, if you were looking to install SnapChat++ or Tutuapp or may be Instagram++ without jailbreak, then we’re here to help you with the tool available and now since its updated for iOS 11 also, its great opportunity for us to show some really incredible apps on the table.

Since iOS 11 was released, none of above mentioned applications were able to install on iPhone running iOS 11 beta. It was nearly impossible to have these applications on iPhone. Saurik has addressed this issue and updated Cydia Impactor as well compatible for iOS 11. Now, it supports iOS 11 and you’re again compatible to install your favorite apps without jailbreak on iPhone having iOS 11.

Friends if you’ve iOS 11 installed on your iPhone and countering any kind of errors sideloading any of above mentioned app or other apps installed by Cydia Impactor, then I recommend to update the app first and reinstall all those apps that give error to you.

Again, Cydia Impactor is only the way getting your favorite jailbreak apps without having Cydia at all. If you’ve any query in your mind about this app, give us chance to clear all of them. Share your thoughts, experience and issues in the comment section.

Comment below…

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PanGu 11.0.1 Jailbreak: Is it better than K33n Lab tool?

iOS 11.0.1 jailbreak for iPhone 8 and iPhone X – status update…

I know your frustration regarding jailbreak 11.0.1. Thus, today I’m here to mention couple of things that you should know regarding PanGu, Yalu and KeenLab jbreak untethered tool.

First of all to update you, Apple has unveiled their most awaited iOS 11.0.1 firmware update that brings bunch of new features along with performance enhancement. With the update, now its more harder to fill the hands into jailbreak community specially with iOS 11.0.1.

iPhone X is also announced and this update is coming with iOS 11.1 with iPhone X. While iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are ready to leverage iOS 11.0.1 currently. So, if you’ve iPhone 8 or older models that run on iOS 11.0.1, you should keep reading this report carefully.

Update: Keen Lab and PanGu both have demonstrated iOS 11 jailbreak with the support of iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.3.2. While iOS 10.3.3 still sitting in the confusion area. Plus, there is no jailbreak iOS 11.0.1 available currently or even iOS 10.3.x jailbreak is also not available till now.

iOS 11.0.1 Jailbreak Update

When the firmware is already available for public, many users have upgraded their iPhone to iOS 11.0.1 already. In this upgrade, jailbreak users are also exist in hope that PanGu has exploits to install Cydia iOS 11.0.1. But unfortunately till now there is not update coming from PanGu or even from K33n lab team.

Meanwhile just before iOS 11.0.1 release, Suarik had updated Cydia to iOS 11 compatible. This creates some hope that silently one of PanGu or Keen Lab team have Jailbreak 11.0.1 and may be they’d release it soon.

Its also possible that they’re observing Apple and iOS 11.0.1 about stability. Once they found that iOS 11.0.1 is stable enough and Apple won’t release iOS 11.0.2 soon, they’d release the jailbreak for iOS 11.0.1.

There is also a rumour that PanGu is waiting for iPhone X release with iOS 10.2 and then they’d release Jailbreak iOS 10.2 with Cydia installed.

Some Useful Alternative to Jailbreak Apps and Cydia Tweaks

Even there is not jailbreak iOS 11.0.1 available now, you can do couple of tricks to enjoy Cydia stuff without unlocking them completely. Take a look at below apps…

Tutu App: This is updated user interface for the best and most downloaded app that can be installed without jailbreak iPhone 8 or iPhone X. You can install it for free, there is no need to install Cydia at all.

vShare: There is another good alternative to Cydia in this regard and that is vShare iOS 11.0.1 update. Without any kind of Computer use or jailbreak at all, you can download vShare and install bunch of games along with top paid apps for free.

iNoCydia: You can try your hands on iNoCydia too which is alternative to OpenAppMkt that was in use as xCydia alternative.

Cyrus Installer: If you’re missing Cydia so much, you can try Cyrus Installer too. I can bet you won’t miss native app at all.

Update 11.0.2: Apple is gonna fix couple WiFi and Network issues from iOS 11.0.1 with next update of iOS 11.0.2. So, jailbreak developers are waiting for iOS 11.0.2 release to try jailbreak 11.0.2 exploits.

So, there is many things to install in absence of jailbreak iOS 11.0.1. Don’t forget to comment or edit this article.


Download Cydia iOS 11.0.2 Alternative Jailbreak Apps

Cydia iOS 11.0.2 jailbreak app alternatives for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 11.0.1 is already out there for public and Apple is busy testing iOS 11.1 right now for iPhone X and other devices that run on iOS platform to provide them better features, security and performances.

Jailbreak teams once again failed to update their repo with iOS 11 jailbreak. If you’ve ever used Cydia on your iPhone, you are most probably thinking when it would be available for iOS 11. Various teams are updating their list of tools for older firmware but none of them are working on new firmware or for 64 bit iPhone 8 jailbreak or i7.

Today, I’m here to share some Cydia iOS alternatives with you for iOS 11.0.2 and other firmware. When we don’t have Cydia to install our favorite game emulators and other tweaks, its time to move on apps that would act like jailbreak app store.

Download Cydia Alternative

You may have heard about many alternatives such as xCydia, Cyrus installer, Tutu App and vShare. Today, we’d talk about these alternatives in short notes.

xCydia iOS 11.0.2

This is truly the best alternative to Cydia if you’re considering Cydia clone. You’d get the same user interface, options and options. However, xCydia won’t give you a range of tweaks that you were getting from original jailbreak app store.

Cyrus installer 11.0.2

The newest installer released with the name of Cyrus Installer. Again, this is the newest app of it’s kind so may have bugs, missing features and short of categories. Still you may find a good range of game emulators, apps and other Cydia hacks.

Tutu App iOS 11.0.2

TutuApp is actually not a Cydia alternative, however, it fills the gap. The app offers many new games, apps and Pokemon Go hacks. Recently, it got a great popularity among the users who can’t jailbreak their iPhone.

vShare iOS 11.0.2

The last one is vShare iOS 11.0.2. This is also not truly alternative to the native app, however like Tutu App, vShare is also a great option in absence of Cydia 11.0.2. As vShare also a free option available, you can try it for sure.

At last, if you’re missing Cydia too much, then you can use HipStore, Kuaiyong, 25PP and iNoCydia in absence of jailbreak store.

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iOS 11.2 Jailbreak, iPhone X Compatibility, Cydia Installer & More

iPhone X iOS 11.2 release date is set in November, 2017…

The brand new iOS update with huge design, user interface and technology changes are coming this September, 2017. Here, I’m talking about iOS 11.0.1 public version.

The iPhone X is also got announced by Apple in recent even held. It is also being speculating that iOS 11.2 can be packed with iPhone X. Today, we’d give you some hits that proves that iOS 11.2 is actually under development. With the update, we’d talk about jailbreak iOS 11.2 and Cydia installer update coming for iOS 11.

As you know that Apple has decided to start booking and shipping from November, 2017. Still half September and whole October is left in 2017. According to our report, Apple is already busy in testing iOS 11.2 during this period.

Recent iPhone X benchmark report of GeekBench also proves that iOS 11.2 and iPhone X combination could be seen at the time of shipping. In bench mark report, two new phones are popping up, one is iPhone 10,5 and 10,6. As we know now that iPhone 10,5 is actually an iPhone 8. This way, iPhone 10,6 is definitely an iPhone X with 3 GB RAM and 6-Core ARM CPU.

Its really interesting thing and sounds cool about the term “iOS 11.2” specially because iOS 11 itself quite new and we don’t know much about the public stable version that is gonna be available from 19th September, 2017. However, if we trust Geekbench report about iPhone 10,6 that runs on iOS 11.2 and with 3 GB of RAM along with 6-Core CPU, it must be iPhone X. In such a short period, Apple can’t test the new device that runs on iOS 11.2.

Jailbreak 11.2 and Cydia iOS 11.2

KeenLab and PanGu are two main jb teams that are actually working on current firmware. Both has demonstrated their tools on iOS 11 already. Without any doubt, one of these team would release iOS 11 jailbreak sooner or later.

Recently, Saurik has already updated Cydia for iOS 11.2 and this proves that something is developing under the table silently. These jailbreak developers don’t want to hint Apple about their development so that they can release their tool without any type of controversy.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, ideas and desire to buy iPhone X and jailbreak iOS 11.2 to install Cydia.


iOS 11.0.2 Jailbreak, iPhone X Booking, Apple Watch 3 Price Drop & More

Jailbreak iOS 11.0.2 is under going while Apple is doing its job to release iPhone X along with Apple Watch 3 with price cut…

Today, I’ve something special for all of readers. Apple is smartly working on iOS 11.0.2 and silently on iOS 11.1 to prevent jailbreak for enhanced security of iPhone X that would come with the bundle of iOS 11.1. It is being said that Apple Watch 3 would get surprise price cut in certain countries for various festivals.

First thing first, Apple is about to release iOS 11.0.2 firmware to fix couple of bugs that have been seen with iOS 11.0.1. While iOS 11.0.1 got a lot of beta updates, Apple won’t repeat that. Instead of releasing any beta updates for iOS 11.0.2, Apple would directly release iOS 11.0.2.

As soon as iOS 11.0.1 is available, we’ve seen some activity in KeenLab and PanGu activity. These are the team on which you have to keep watch if you want jailbreak iOS 11.0.2. Yeah, iOS 11.0.1 won’t get any jailbreak yet.

Saurik has also got preparation for the next update with Cydia iOS installer for iPhone and iPad. So, you won’t get anything later update for that one. As soon as Apple releases iOS 11.0.2, we may see tool released by PanGu or KeenLab.

In other hand, Apple is preparing iPhone X for pre booking. According to reports, Apple doesn’t want to late in making available this new device to public. The news and rumors are already got discounted and now if Apple would make any late coming, it would be loss fully strategy for them.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard and noticed that due to various festival coming in various countries like India, China and USA, Apple would release Apple Watch 3, iPhone 8 and iPhone X with price cut of around $100 while in India, price cut is already available with Rs.10000 and more by Reliance Jio and PayTM.

The one thing that is sure that iPhone X won’t get iOS 11.0.2. Rather than this one, iPhone X would directly get iOS 11.1 update within the box and Apple is already working on that update silently captured by our Analytics.

Would you buy iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 or iPhone 8? Are you ready for upcoming Jailbreak 11.0.2?


TutuApp Helper: Tutu Helper is Best for Pokemon Go Hack

Download Tutu Helper for iOS/Android…

Generally users come here with the searching of either paid apps for free or to install Pokemon Go hack with the help of TutuApp Helper. This is my first article on it. Actually, I was also facing some difficulties and when I fixed them, I thought to share those things with all of you too.

I found that Tutu is the best working app for both iOS and Android to install Pokemon Go and such kind of games as well as bunch of apps that are paid on app store. So today, we’d see what we can do with Tutu Helper.

If you’ve vShare, HipStore, 25PP, Kuaiyong and Tutu App, you’re already aware of Translation and availability issues. Most of these apps either work only on jailbreak or Rooted platform or we can’t use them because most of these apps are in Chinese language. Thanks to the developers that they’ve created vShare and TutuApp Helper English version for easy.

I won’t say that there is only a Tutu available for such installation for apps or games, but to be true, all of other apps require either jailbreak which is not available for current firmware. In other hand, most of them are not available for Android too, because they’re not listed under Google Play Store.

Anyways, we’d talk only about TutuHelper from now.

What actually Tutu Helper Installs Without Jailbreak on iPhone

I installed it, actually I wanted to play Pokemon Go hack. I was trying something new on my iPhone and without jailbreak it was not possible so I used TutuApp Helper. Before Tutu, I tried vShare iOS 11 that was not working. Because that app version doesn’t have Pokemon Go hack. So then, my second choice was Tutu Helper iOS 11.

As I had installed it with the combination of Pokemon Go Hack on my Android Mi Max 2 and it was working like a charm. Without any kind of help of Play Store, I installed it directly from Tutu web server.

Today, I’d talk about the same steps that I took while installing TutuApp Helper on my iPhone and Android smartphone that is known as Mi Max 2, a Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Install TutuApp Helper on Android

  1. For the first step, I headed to enable WiFi and opened Xiaomi default browser that was built on Chrome open source project.
  2. Then, I accessed address to access it’s website.
  3. There were two version from which I had to choose one of them. Two were Regular and VIP. As I wanted to give a try on free version, so I have chosen Regular TutuApp Helper.
  4. System downloaded that Tutu Helper APK for me and asked me to install that.
  5. I confirmed and it was installed on my Android device.

Note: After installation, I headed to open it and installed Pokemon Go Hack from it. You can also follow the process to install them. Ask via comments if you’ve any issues.

How to Install Tutu Helper IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak

Using the same process, you can download TutuApp IPA for iPhone also and even without jailbreak this time. You can follow below steps in order to install it on your iPhone 8 or later.

  1. Activate Internet access and open Safari.
  2. Access address and download regular version of TutuApp Helper.
  3. Once you downloaded, the system would definitely ask permission to install it.
  4. Confirm it and your iPhone would install Tutu Helper IPA on your iPhone.


  1. You can download Tutu Helper IPA on your computer.
  2. Download Cydia Impactor also on your computer running MacOS or Windows.
  3. Now, using Cydia Impactor install Tutu app on your iPhone.

If you’ve anything confusing or having difficulties, you can comment below.

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Top 10 New Cydia Tweaks and Jailbreak Apps

10.2 Brand New Top Cydia Tweaks and Jailbreak Apps for iOS 10.2

Always the new jailbreak brings new Cydia tweaks. This time also,  you’d have couple of new Cydia tweaks such as Moove, AndriOS and CerCube which are really worth to install on your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air.

These tweaks bring new ways to use iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch effectively with new style. Take a look at those Cydia Apps…

1. AndriOS iOS 10.2: This Android style Cydia tweak brings a lot of features to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is one the best Cydia tweak whether you’re Android fan or not. You get tons of features in one and only tweak. Its new and didn’t hit the Cydia store.

2. Moove: Do you heard anywhere about movement based tweak that operate on your movement? Moove Cydia tweak brings couple of features that can be operated by your movements. You can kill current or active apps using Moove Cydia tweak.

3. CerCube: The next Cydia tweak is CerCube iOS 10.2. It is one of the best and ultimate Cydia tweak for YouTube video download. You can download YouTube videos like you’ve never downloaded them ever before. CerCube is hosted on BigBoss repo source.

4. Springtomize iOS 10.2: This tweak is not new but contains a lot of new features that you haven’t tested ever before in previous versions. Springtomize customize whole look of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has 3 days trial period which you can use before purchase it.

5. AppSync Unified iOS 10.2: Do you wanna try new version of appsync? It is under development and would be ready till  the next jailbreak release. You can install unsigned iPA files with the help of AppSync Unified Cydia tweak.

6. Auxo Legacy Edition: This is the brand new version of Auxo iOS 10.2. The best app switcher and multitasking Cydia tweak.

7. MovieBox iOS 10.2: The new version of Movie Box iOS 10.2 works without jailbreak, so if you wanna get new version of Movie box, upgrade your old iOS iPhone to iOS 10.2 right now.

8. Calypso Cydia tweak: Are you power user? You can access some internal settings of your iPhone or iPad using Calypso tweak.

9. NextGenUI5 iOS 10.2: This is next generation user interface springboard Cydia tweak. You should install this tweak, if you love themes.

10.2. Multify iOS 10.2: Its side by side multitasking Cydia app. One of the best app switcher and multitasking Cydia apps. Multify is available on BigBoss repo.

You can surely try these top new Cydia apps on your iPhone or iPad after jailbreaking iOS 10.2. Don’t forget to comment…

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