Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.1: Is it possible [Jailbreak Users]

How to Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.1 for jailbreak…

These are really bad days for iPhone users that they can’t jailbreak their Apple device. There are bunch of exciting and very useful apps out there after installing Cydia and if you can’t jailbreak your device then its not worth.

Last time, PanGu created hope for iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak when they demonstrated their Semi-Untethered tool in a Security Conference, however, they haven’t released it yet. According to Experts, the PanGu team is actually waiting for iOS 11 release to test those exploits.

PanGu is in hope that if they can jailbreak iOS 11, it would be most stable platform for iPhone users. Suppose, they release a tool for iOS 10.3.1 now, all the users would move from the jailbreaking after iOS 11 release.

The second reason is, most users have already shifted from iOS 10 to iOS 11. Now, its really very difficult to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.1 and its nearly impossible. Users are hoping that Prometheus tool can help them downgrading iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.1 again if PanGu release iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak in the future.

And up to some extend, its possible too but not for all devices. For downgrade iOS 11, you must have SHSH blobs for the firmware on which you want to land.

Why you need to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.1 or iOS 10.3.3?

There is no point except jailbreak to downgrade 11 to iOS 10. IOS 11 is better and if you consider some new features, you won’t need any Cydia tweaks at all. Status bar is customizable, lock screen, dock bar and many other things are also customizable without any additional tool.

iOS 11 is bug free and best in class security for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. IOS 11 is stable enough so you won’t need any lower version to install in place of iOS 11.

Even if you wanna downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3, for now its possible, but except iOS 10.3.3, you won’t downgrade iOS 11 to any other firmware using iTunes. You must check Prometheus if you wanna restore iOS 10.3.1 or iOS 10.2 if there is something.

Please comment if you’ve any query or you think different.


iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Untethered Demonstrated for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Untethered Jailbreak 9.3.5 for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak has really put a new life in Jb community. Since release of this Semi-Untethered tool for iPhone, users where demanding and hoping for complete untethered jailbreak iOS 9.3.5.

In bunch of rumors, a breaking news came when a team member of Phoenix, @pr0x13 responded to the public with the message that Untethered iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is almost done. He added that this untethered solution would be permanent untethered solution for 32-bit devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

As we all know, Phoenix iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is released specially when jailbreak is almost dead for new devices. With iOS 9.3.5 firmware, Apple almost killed Cydia for older phones specially 32-bit devices that stuck on iOS 9.3.5.

Currently released Phoenix Semi-Untethered jailbreak requires you to run app every time after reboot, restart, shut down or power down. Semi-untethered is still the best tool to run Cydia and other tweaks along with jb apps rather than no solution available for 32-bit older devices. But, it would be double benefit if Phoenix release untethered iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak soon.

The member of Phoenix added that to achieve untethered jailbreak status, team have to address two bugs from the code. He added, since Apple has already fix those two bugs from public domain, those bugs won’t impact while achieving untethered jailbreak 9.3.5.

Please note that there is no release date provide with this statement released by Phoenix and they haven’t mentioned how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 using untethered jailbreak in the first place.

According to our experience, the untethered jailbreak would be add-on or like Cydia tweak or extension to extend Phoenix semi untethered jailbreak to untethered one. We are sure that team would release a patch for this to install on your iPhone without complete un jailbreak or uninstall Cydia.

Currently, you can jailbreak and install Phoenix app using Computer with the help of Cydia Impactor. One can install this app and Cydia with the third party singing services available on the web, however, Computer is best to jailbreak 9.3.5 using Cydia Impactor tool.

We recommend all users to post your comments and suggestion so that we’d communicate with the developers and researchers of Phoenix and try to know current status of untethered jailbreak solution for iOS9.3.5.


InstagramUICustomizer Cydia Tweak let you customize Instagram UI

InstagramUICustomizer tweak released for iPhone, iPad for jailbroken firmware…

A new jailbreak tweak, we can say brand new Cydia tweak is released for Instagram users to colorize user interface of Instagram that is known as InstagramUICustomizer. Yeah friends, this tweak can be like gift for you if you love to give some color to Instagram app on iPhone.

Wylliam Altman is the developer who has created InstagramUICustomizer app for iPhone. We’ve tried it and it really worked great for us. You can also give a try, but before that you should read remaining article.

What can be done using this tweak? Friends, once this tweak has been installed on your iPhone, you would be able to colorize navigation bar and many other things on Instagram app. To do this, you must head to Settings app after installing tweak and there you’d see the settings pane for this tweak.

Within Settings app, you can enable or disable InstagramUICustomizer. You can choose default colour and alternative bottom bar. You’ve certain other options are also available there.

We’ve noticed a some bugs there, actually its not bug, but the developer have forgot to include respring button there. So after making any changes you must respring manually using either PowerDown or any other way to respring your device to apply changes. If you know any other way to respring iPhone, you can use it too.

The developer recommends to turn of Instagram app before making any changes to Instagram iPhone app.

The tweak can be easily installed from BigBoss repo source. As its free for now, you can download and install without paying anything. Plus, InstagramUICustomizer is compatible for iOS 10 as well as iOS 9 jailbreak too.

Please note that Instagram app can break this tweak any time in the future because in many cases while using this tweak, it failed to work properly. In many cases InstagramUICustomizer not working smoothly due to Instagram app.

If you’ve any issues like that, you can comment below…

Jailbreak Apps

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak: Download Phoenix Cydia Installer

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch…

This is really a good news for the devices that has been stuck on iOS 9.3.5 such as iPhone 4S and others. And specially for those who wanna jailbreak their iPhone or iPad to install Cydia tweaks.

We’ve previously mentioned and predicted that iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak may be release. The primary reason was, some of security researchers and hackers were working on iOS 9.3.5 since long time.

Phoenix iOS tool is the jailbreak that can be used to install Cydia and other jb stuff. Unfortunately, Phoenix jailbreak can be used only for 32-bit devices for now.

iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak which is released by this team is Semi-untethered and is compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is 32-bit. It means, if you’ve iPhone 6, 6S, iPhone 7, new iPad and iPod touch 6, you can’t install Phoenix.

Some talented security researcher and hackers have made this true. tihmstar and Siguza are the key members of this team who made iOS 9.3.5 untethered jailbreak (Oh Semi-Untethered). Luca Todesco, jk9357 and Max Bazaliy are some other members who have put their efforts to make this jailbreak possible.

If you’ve used Home Depot jailbreak, you are already aware of the kind of solution to install Cydia. Mainly, tihmstar and Siguza has dome this possible. We are hoping that some 64-bit devices would get support of iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak as well.

Good news is, Apple won’t able to patch Phoenix jailbreak at any cost. Even after updating iOS 9 firmware to iOS 9.3.6, Apple won’t patch this jailbreak. It means you’re getting the Semi-Untethered jb for life until you’re on iOS 9.3.5.

Very soon, we’d post another article on how you can install Cydia using Phoenix and how you can download your favourite jailbreak apps, themes and tweaks compatible for iOS 9.3.5.

You can comment and ask any query regarding iOS 9.3.5 and this Semi-Untethered tool. If you’re planning to downgrade to iOS 9.3.5, you can read further articles posted on our blog.

So comment in below form for all your query related to iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak.


How to Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.1 [Restore iOS 10.3.1 to Jailbreak]

Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 before its too late, Apple is gonna stop signing iOS 10.3.1 any time…

You may have iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and if you’ve upgrade to iOS 10.3.3 at any situation, you’ve last chance to restore iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.3.3 for jailbreak purpose.

As you may already aware of that Apple stops signing older firmware as soon as new firmware is released by the company. Now when, iOS 10.3.3 publicly out, the iPhone maker company is most likely stop signing iOS 10.3.1 firmware as soon as possible.

For regular users who don’t love jailbreak, they don’t need to react about downgrade iOS 10.3.3, but the jailbreak and Cydia users have last chance for downgrade 10.3.3 to iOS 10.3.1 now.

After bunch of beta tests and fixing lot of bugs, Apple is sure about the public version of iOS 10.3.3. The iPhone maker company has patched all the exploits and vulnerabilities so that you won’t jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 at any way. Now, if you want jailbreak again, you must downgrade iOS 10.3.3 and restore iOS 10.3.1 because possible next jailbreak is iOS 10.3.1 developed by PanGu team.

Apple has pushed iOS 10.3.3 to the public users, it means if you’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is compatible for iOS 10.3.3, you can head to settings app after enabling WiFi or mobile data, if you’re eligible for the update, you’d be asked to download iOS 10.3.3 and once its downloaded, the system would confirm installation.

Look, its not necessary to downgrade iOS 10.3.3 because there is some very valuable new features and bug fixed. Now, you’d have more stable and secured firmware. A WiFi exploit has been fixed by Apple in iOS 10.3.3 so that no hacker can hack iOS 10.3.3.

With security, iOS 10.3.3 offers so many new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements. So no doubt, iOS 10.3.3 is one of the most advance and useful update form Apple for all iPhone and iPad devices.

How to Downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.2

Yeah iOS 10.2. Its still possible to downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to 10.2 using Prometheus iOS downgrading tool. This is free downgrade tool available on the web that can downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to any firmware whether its signed by Apple or not.

So basically, you can downgrade iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10.2 also. You just need to wait a couple of days and some YouTube users would upload their demonstration video. If you’d request via comments, I’d also upload demonstration video.

Is it possible to downgrade to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.3.3?

Yes, its possible. You’re already aware that Apple has already stopped singing iOS 10.3.1, however, if you’d use Prometheus downgrade tool, you can restore iOS 10.3.1 easily.

You may need some expert help for downgrading 10.3.3 for that.

Why you need to restore iOS 10.3.1?

Before deciding to downgrade 10.3.3, its really important to know why you want to downgrade newly released firmware as it has better security features, updates and many other things?

If your answer is jailbreak iOS 10.3.1, then you should know that PanGu hasn’t released iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak yet. And there isn’t any guarantee that the PanGu team would release such tool in the future.

If there is any performance issues with iOS 10.3.3, you can downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 for that.

Anyway, please share your concern in the comment section and I’d be there to help you.

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WhatsApp Web Not Working: Fix it for iPhone, iPad or Android Compatible for MacOS or Windows

Whether you’ve installed WhatsApp on iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone like Samsung or Xiaomi or whatever, most of the time WhatsAPP Web not working issue occurs at key point when you really need this social media network on your PC or laptop.

I was personally trying WhatsApp Web since five days in hope that there may be a network issue so that its not working, QR Code not working not its appearing even once a time. I’ve tried my iMac that runs on MacOS and on laptop that runs on Windows 10 operating system, but no luck. Finally, I followed some steps and suddenly, WhatsApp web start working again like normal. I decided to share whole experience and would help you to solve individual issues that you’re facing while connecting WhatsApp Web version using computer or Google Chrome browser.

WhatsApp has made a great platform for social media users who can easily interact with their relatives, friends and other users using chat, video and voice call and they can connect immediately even on the go using iPhone or iPad. Additionally in recent time, the developers have made WhatsApp Web for computer users to access this social media platform on the bigger screen. They’ve now big keyboard to write even larger paragraphs to communicate with their friends.

Sometimes while connecting your iPhone to iMac or Windows for web version, users have noticed some issues including WhatsAPP Web QR code is not displaying or appearing or not working, users can fetch all the messages instantly or issues while connecting with other users using voice or video call. However, all of these issues can be easily fixed by following some very simple steps that normal users don’t aware of. I’m here to show you how you can fix those issues easily.

WhatsApp Web QR Code not scanning

QR Code Scanning not working

Follow some initial steps that can solve WhatsApp Web QR Code Scanning not working issue

  1. Uninstall WhatsAPP Web from your computer and download most recent update from official website or from Apple App Store if you’re using MacOS or from Windows App Store if you’re using Windows operating system.
  2. If you’re using it on Google Chrome browser and WhatsApp Web not working, you should delete cookies related to this social media platform.
  3. Check internet connection or WiFi that is it working fine or not because most of the time due to connectivity issues, QR code doesn’t appear.
  4. If WhatsApp Web is not working using separate MacOS or Windows application, try connecting web version using Google Chrome browser.

I’m sure these steps would solve your common issues related to WhatsApp Web if its not working smoothly.

How to fix WhatsApp Web QR Code

If you’re still facing issues, follow some more steps mentioned below that I’ve done to solve QR Code not appearing and not working issue.

  1. To fix first of all, I disabled WiFi connection and checked out that internet connection is working okay or not. Once I verified that everything working okay, I took second step.
  2. I opened Google Chrome and then after failed attempt I opened Safari on my iMac and headed to
  3. Then I tapped on WhatsApp Web, I surprised that it was working now. But, I was now trying to use their Mac client app. So I tried to download MacOS WhatsApp web version because I had doubt that my downloaded version was old. So I downloaded a brand new latest version.
  4. After download, I replaced older WhatsApp Web version and reinstalled it with newer downloaded latest update.
  5. Once after successful installation, I opened it and this time QR Code was appeared. I enabled WhatsApp web from my iPhone and tried to connect with iMac WhatsApp Web version. Fortunately, everything worked normal.

This is how, I fixed WhatsApp Web not working issue. You can also comment and ask me about anything related to QR code or chatting issues.

Note: WhatsApp Web Voice call or video call is not exist. The developers are planning to include this functions to web version too, but it would take time.


2017 iPhone 7S Clone, 7S Plus Goophone For Best Price, Features

iPhone 7S Clone price, features and availability…

Apple is just about to release bunch of new devices this year and next month the release time would be start. This time, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 are expected to be release.

A newer model that is based on SE that’s called as iPhone 7SE or iPhone 6SE is also expected to get release. Now that’s final that Apple would release many of these products along with new iPad and may be Apple Watch 3 too.

It is also in the wild that iPhoneX may be released instead of iPhone 8 this year or may be Apple would call it iPhone Special Edition 2017. Anyway, if you’re waiting for genuine product from Apple, then you may wait some time, but if you can’t wait, we’ve something that can be used to play during the waiting time.

We’re talking about iPhone 7S clone. Some Chinese stores have already started selling iPhone 7S Plus Clone, iPhone 8 Clone and iPhone SE Clone just before they officially get released by Apple.

If you wanna rock by purchasing or showcasing new Apple special edition device, then its good time to purchase as iPhone 7S Clone or Plus edition clone with a cheap rate and direct shipping to your door. Below, I’ve attached a screenshot that would show you how cheap those phones are, but they’re just like play device with Android OS installed.

iPhone Clone

You can just imagine the price of Goophone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus Clone. You’d get better idea what you’re going to purchase from DHgate or other Chinese websites that sell these Goophone for cheap rate.

If you couldn’t search the best iPhone 7S Clone price, then we’d quote many of Chinese websites with cheapest rates out there for latest clone Goophones.

But before you decide to purchase one of these iPhone clone, I personally advice you to avoid purchasing these clone devices. I’ve some personal experiment that shows me that these are just a play phone that doesn’t have any value and you’d end up with some hate voice. But yeah, if you just want to play with it or showcasing your iPhone 7S before release, then you can try for sure.

Goophone 7S Price, Features

You’d get surprised that Goophone 7S runs on Android operating system with custom skin which is also iOS based. These clone phone developers creates iOS 11 Clone skin that is preinstalled on iPhone7S clone.

You can easily purchase one of Goophone 7S between $50 to $250 depending to your choice, features, specs and colour or storage. Some Chinese websites easily ship these clone phones to India, US, Canada and UK.

Most of these GooPhone 7S shipping is free to any country listed above, so don’t pay more for shipping charge. Plus, never go with any premium shipping methods. I’ve some very bad experience with these premium shipping providers.

The free shipping of iPhone 7S clone would reach your home between 15 days to 60 days easily. In most cases, you’d get your device on your door step within a month.


Again, before purchasing check all the demonstration on YouTube, those Chinese websites and expert review about those clone phones. You can ask for the best deal out there from us to by commenting below. We’d try to get the honest review and help you.


Yalu11 vs PanGu11: Which iOS 11 Jailbreak is Best for iPhone – PanGu or Yalu

PanGu iOS 11 Jailbreak vs Yalu iOS 11 Jailbreak: Which tool would you use to install Cydia iOS 11 on your iPhone?

I think this is most interesting and disturbing question for you if both teams have released a jb solution for iOS 11. But, that is not the case in reality because if one team has released the tool, other team would wait for it’s turn and he won’t release a tool for the same firmware.

We’ve seen in the past that suppose, TaiG jailbreak team has released a untethered tool for iPhone for any firmware then PanGu waited for the next possible firmware and PanGu didn’t released any untethered tool for the same firmware and this is just a regular discipline followed by these security research teams to release their respective jailbreak tools.

Apple is ready to fire it’s shot with the combination of iPhone 8 iOS 11. Currently, iOS 11 beta released publicly and it’s on the final stage to become stable version. Still, Apple is adding new and new features and design change with each and every new firmware update whether its iOS 11 beta.

PanGu11: Jailbreak iOS 11 PanGu

Even if iOS 11 is in beta stage, users get excited installing iOS 11 and when they finally installed iOS 11, how can they live without jailbreak iOS 11 and Cydia iOS 11! We all are waiting patiently for PanGu jailbreak which is I think most trustable and stable jailbreak tool. PanGu iOS 11 is most expected to come out this year followed by PanGu iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3 just like previous firmware series.

The well talented PanGu team knows how important iOS 11 update is. They don’t want to take any chance for releasing PanGu11 this time. They’ve already prevent release for the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak because they think that they can jailbreak 11 too.

They’ve something and we’re sure about it and thus no jailbreak release so far for the latest firmware. But suppose, they’re unable to jailbreak iOS 11, then surely, you’d get iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak.

Yalu11: Jailbreak iOS 11 Yalu

This Chinese team has great past in terms of jailbreak release for the series of iOS 10. They’ve released almost two constant release of tethered and semi tethered jailbreak tools for iOS 10.

As far as iOS 11 is concerned, Luca made a statement that he won’t work on this firmware, but we think that if there would be anything that is jailbreakable, then he won’t stop him salves to make and release Yalu11 with the focus of jailbreak iOS 11.

Right now, Yalu is not the part of any working tool for iOS 11, however, the last jailbreak which is iOS 10.2 released by Luca with the code name of Yalu102. If you’re still on iOS 10.2, you can download Yalu102 for sure.

KeenLab iOS 11 Jailbreak

This is third most expected jailbreak team who can really make iOS 11 untethered tool with Cydia iOS 11.

They’ve already demonstrated a tool for iOS 11 jailbreak with Cydia successfully. This is clear signal that they’ve some ability to release the tool for the latest firmware.

Suppose, if PanGu or Yalu failed to release iOS 11 jailbreak, then KeenLab would be the third most expected and trusted security research team who can jailbreak11.

If you’re really waiting and hoping for iOS 11 jailbreak, you can surely look out KeenLab too.


Download Cyrus Installer iOS 10.3.3 – iOS 11 Without Jailbreak for iPhone

Cyrus Installer for iPhone without Jailbreak iOS 11 or iOS 10.3.3…

Users always ask for a tweak, installer or app that can install jailbreak apps without actually jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad. We’ve seen a bunch of such installer such as Mojo Installer, iNoCydia, vShare, TutuApp and now Cyrus Installer.

Most of them either not working or stopped getting updates for newer firmware such as vShare not working on iPhone after installing iOS 11 beta. Mojo Installer is also not working since a long time on newer firmware. Cyrus is new and updated installer for iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 11 firmware.

So today, I’m gonna show you how you can install Cyrus Installer to download most of your favourite jailbreak apps without installing Cydia or jailbreak iPhone or iPad.

If you’ve noticed Cydia a few years ago, it was so minimalistic and simple. Just like that Cyrus Installer user interface is also very simple and basic. It seems like the developer want to make it completely easy and straight forward to download and install jailbreak apps using Cyrus Installer without making any effort.

Currently, this app has large database of some very useful apps such as GBA4iOS, Emu4iOS, NDS4iOS, SnapChat++ and EveryCord. The developers are adding more and more apps to their database as quickly as they can.

Initial version of Cyrus Installer has focused to give their best service to user so that they can either donate or subscribe for their premium plan or package. Right now, there isn’t any premium or paid plan introduced.

You can download and install Cyrus Installer from website for free. For the start, it works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Android devices and other operating system don’t support Cyrus installer currently.

Other Cydia Alternatives

  • vShare: One of the best alternative to Cydia at time. You can consider their updates and quantity of apps in their database which is too large and good. This Cyrus Installer alternative is free and offers large number of popular games and apps.
  • TutuApp: Tutu Helper app is just like the app mentioned above and its also free and best alternative to Cydia.
  • HipStore: It was one of the best, but for a long time, it’s not updated for new firmware.
  • Kuaiyong: This is Chinese App Store for jailbreak app installation without installing Cydia.
  • 25PP: You may have heard of 25PP jailbreak, this app is also the same developer update.
  • OpenAppMkt: Many users are crazy about Open App Mkt which is alternative of Cyrus Installer.

Jailbreak Apps

Tutu App iOS 11 – 10.3.3: How to Install Tutuapp Helper Without Jailbreak

Tutu App Helper for iOS 11 without jailbreak…

Users today I’ve something special for you to share. Tutuapp Helper is the app that can be installed on iPhone or any iOS device without jailbreak. I’m so excited because we can actually install tutu app helper app without having any computer or iPhone that is jailbroken.

So users, if you were waiting for a way using you can install bunch of useful jailbreak apps, tweaks and other jailbreak stuff without jailbreak on iPhone or iPad, TutuApp Helper is the iOS hack that is available for iPhone to install.

You may have doubt that can we really install some jailbreak apps without having Cydia or any such installer without jailbreak! Then Yes! You can actually install TutuApp iOS hack to get all of those things right on your iPhone and iPad even on iPod touch too.

You may have heard that users install iPhone cr*a*c*k-ed apps with the help of Tutu Helper aka TutuApp, but installation of Tutu apps requires jailbreak, but now all of you can download TutuApp helper and install on your iOS device without any kind of computer or jailbreak.

Install Tutu Helper for iPhone

To install this application, you must follow some very simple and interning steps…

  1. You must have iPhone with internet access. After activating WiFi or mobile internet data, open Safari browser and you want to access website:
  2. Once the page is completely loaded, you would notice Download Now button anywhere on the page. Now, select Regular option for downloading the app.
  3. After selecting Regular download option, you would ask to install the TutuApp Helper iOS app. Tap on install button if asked.
  4. If you’ve successfully installed Tutu Helper app, it would be placed right on your springboard on iPhone. Try to open it.
  5. If you’re getting TutuApp Helper: Untrusted Enterprise Developer Certificate, you must trust the developer. To do that follow next step.
  6. Head to Settings app where you would have to open Device Management section. You may want to tap on General, Profile & Device Management section.
  7. Tap on TutuApp profile and trust it.


You’ve almost completed successful installation of TutuApp app Helper toolkit. Now, you can tap on the app helper and launch it.

Now, you’d notice that you’ve all the access to install any apps you want. If you’ve still any confusion or trouble to access your favourite content on TutuApp, you can make a short comment about the situation and I’d help you instantly.

The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch