How to Remove/Delete/Restore Default Apps from iOS 10.1 Running on iPhone, iPad

How to Delete Apps iOS 10.1 using iPhone 7…

The users who wanna uninstall or remove stock iPhone apps from iOS, you can do so using iOS 10.1. Latest version of iOS brings that feature for you if your device is compatible for iOS 10.1.

There would be bunch of apps out there on your iPhone which actually you don’t like. Suppose you like Google Gmail, stock mail app is useless for you. The same way there are bunch of apps out there which you may wanna delete.

In short you can delete default apps from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 10.1. In my case, I’ve deleted contacts app too. Actually, I use phone app to manage contacts so that I’ve deleted contact app from my iPhone. Anyway, you can uninstall whatever app you want.

There are bunch of options available in apps to remove such as Videos, Mail, iBooks, Podcasts, Compass, Apple Watch, Maps or Music app. So, you can delete all of these apps or just the apps which is useless for you.

And don’t worry about future because if you would change your mind for any particular app or all apps to install on your iPhone again, you can easily install them without any issue from Apple app store.

Yeah, it’s completely possible to restore apps from Apple app store. Suppose, you deleted mail app because you’re using Gmail but in future you wanna restore mail app too, then you have to head to Apple App store and search mail application from search option. From the result, tap on Mail app and tap on Restore, that’s it.

How to Delete Default Apps using iPhone

So below are the steps which you need to follow in order to uninstall, delete or remove apps from iPhone…

  1. First decide which app you wanna remove and then access your home screen.
  2. Scroll down different home screen pages and find out the apps which you wanna delete.
  3. Tap on each of apps which you wanna remove from your iPhone but one by one and tap on X button given on the app icon.
  4. Once you tap on that X button, system would ask you to confirm, just tap on Remove button to successfully delete app from iOS 10.1.

The apps which you’ve removed following above steps can be restore easily via App Store until then those apps would be disappear from your iPhone.

Please note some of the default apps won’t removed from your iPhone in which iPhone phone app, camera, settings, iMessage and couple of other apps are exist.

These apps are protected due to accessibility issues. To know all those apps which can be removed, you just try yourself by taping and holding that icon which app you wanna delete and X button would be appear. Suppose that X button is not appearing, it means that app won’t be removed.

If you’ve any question or query or confusion about above article regarding delete apps, you can leave comments below…


2017 iPhone 8 5-inch Reportedly Features Glass-Backed Penal

New iPhone 8 2017 features three glass backed in a 5-inch large screen next year…

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is just released and they’re brand new devices even though upcoming iPhone 8 is catching full attention which may be release in 2017.

These days, we’re getting bunch of reports from experts and designers about iPhone 8 2017 upcoming model. The recent report is coming from Nikkei which claims iPhone 8 would have all glass back penal in a 5-inch model next year.

According to the report, a new 5-inch model is also coming in the line up of iPhone 8 next year. The experts strongly believe that the 5-inch iPhone 8 would feature back glass penal.

They’re adding that the iPhone 8 would be coming in 3 models which respectively blog 4.7″, 5″ and the iPhone 8 Plus is coming in a 5.5″ screen size.

You’d be excited that Apple is gonna bring a brand new iPhone 8 5-inch screen size device in 2017 followed by two regular screen size phones. Plus, one of these three iPhone 8 may have OLED display followed by two regular LCD displays out of the box.

As it’s already in a hot rumor that iPhone 8 features all glass unibody and the development has been started in China and United States.

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If you’ve purchased new iPhone 7 Plus, what would you do next year? Would you go for iPhone 8 2017?


iOS 10.1 Fixes Bugs and Brings iPhone 7 Plus Camera Portrait Mode

iOS 10.1 is released and available for download…

iOS 10.1 was in beta stage since more than one month and today finally Apple released this exciting firmware update which fixes iPhone 7 portrait mode issue from Camera and contains few more security fixes.

It was being said that Apple would fix portrait mode feature from iPhone 7 Plus which was successfully added to the new firmware today. There are couple of other compatibility issues have been fixed with iOS 10.1.

If you’ve Android Wear then you’ve faced some difficulties pairing your smart watch with iPhone 7 and it was due to iOS 10.1. Finally, Apple fixed this pairing issue and now the users of iPhone 7 can easily pair any Android powered smart watch with iPhone 7 without any issue.

If you were victim of this problem, you can instantly download iOS 10.1 IPSW file from Apple or head to Settings application where you need to check software update section in General menu and update your iPhone to iOS 10.1 via OTA update.

iOS 10.1 Compatible Devices:

You’d be happy to know that all the devices running on iOS 10.0.3 can update to iOS 10.1 without any further compatibility issues.

From iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 Plus, all the devices are compatible to download and install iOS 10.1 on their devices.

iPod Touch 6G and iPad models are also eligible to install this update via downloading IPSW file or via OTA.

Would you update iOS 10.1?

The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Semi-Restore: Restore iOS without Fear of Jailbreak Loss for iPhone, iPad

Download SemiRestore iOS tool for your iPhone, iPad to restore your iOS device without losing jailbreak at any way…

If you’ve jailbroken device and have fear of losing jailbreak specially when you’re suffering low storage or any issues with the iOS. You may want to restore your jailbreak iPhone or iPad without losing jailbreak, then Semi-Restore is available for you.

SemiRestore is updated for the latest jailbreak firmware, we can consider Semi-Restore for iOS 9.3.3 at precent. There’s no point to use it on iOS 10.1 of latest firmware because it can be restore or downgrade without any need of such software or applications.

SemiRestore can’t be installed directly on your iPhone or iPad, then if you’re thinking to restore your jailbreak device directly using your iPhone, you need to have macOS, Windows or Linux on your computer. Fortunately, it’s available for download for all these platforms.

Similarly, Cydia Eraser, Cydia Impactor also work like Semi-Restore iOS tool, but it may delete Cydia installer and jailbreak itself, so use SemiRestore if you don’t wanna loss your jailbreak at all.

SemiRestore and How to use it?

I don’t like one think regarding Semi-Restore and it’s update. It gets updated too long. This is really disappointed thing for jailbreakers who wanna restore their device for running latest version of iOS jailbreak firmware.

Note that SemiRestore can restore your current firmware without removing jailbreak, it means you can’t downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 9.3.3 or any version. Simply, you can’t downgrade using Semi-Restore tool.


As we mentioned above that SemiRestore is able to install on any computer running on Mac, Linux and Windows operating system. Please note that macOS version is still in beta stage and not available for public to try at now.

There are couple of other softwares which are required to have while running Semi-Restore on your computer to restore iOS firmware.

At last…

While PanGu iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak is not untethered and you need to re-jailbreak each time when you reboot your iPhone or iPad, it’s advisable to use Cydia Eraser or Impactor instead of Semi-Restore because those tools can be run directly using your iPhone or iPad while SemiRestore requires PC having Windows or Linux operating system.

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If you’ve any doubt and wanna clear it about SemiRestore, you can comment right now, and we’d be available for you to clear your doubts…


iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus Release Confusion with New iPhone 8 2017

The next biggest update may be iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus in upcoming year, 2017…

At the time of every new iPhone release, it’s trend to discus about next big update and this happened at the time of iPhone 7 release where every body were discussing about iPhone 8 2017.

This is obvious because the budget users would think about new design, features and technology. Right now, the users and even technology experts are calling iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7S which is coming next year in 2017.

After digging into history and past, we have seen that Apple is using “S” Since the start then how Apple can jump directly into iPhone 8 skipping 7S and 7S Plus!!! Is Apple really gonna ditch “iPhone 7S 2017” model and release iPhone 8 2017?

I know there are bunch of doubts and questions are rising in your mind. Let me clear them. With 2017, Apple is gonna celebrate 10th anniversary where this iPad maker company can bang with new iPhone 8 2017.

Furthermore, you’d be surprise that Apple is gonna adopting OLED display which is known as iPhone 8 OLED or Super AMOLED iPhone 8. Plus, when experts calling the next device update, they are using directly iPhone 8 where they’re skipping 7S completely.

As you can see current design is older one which was introduced with iPhone 6 and Apple want to show their smartness with brand new design with iPhone 8 iOS 11 next year.

Would you purchase new iPhone 8 2017?


Download iOS 10.1: It’s the Next Update rather than iOS 10.0.4

Download iOS 10.1 IPSW for iPhone, iPad…

You shouldn’t expect iOS 10.0.4 because the better and bigger iOS 10.1.0 is coming to your iPhone, iPad. The issues have been sorted out according to Apple related to older devices and some cellular connectivity issues.

iOS 10.1.0 is now at 4rth beta and final version may take two more beta versions before final release. As, iPhone 7 users already getting performance issues, iOS 10.1 would be must have installation for them.

I found devices running on iOS 10.1 having many issues. The devices reacting like they’re on clone or the device with malware virus. The primary reason for this is, iOS 10.1’s heavy and redesigned user interface.

If you’re waiting for iOS 10.1.0 jailbreak, there are good news from PanGu

The users who are waiting for iOS 10.1 and specially those users who were waiting for PanGu jailbreak, there are some good news for you and read this article interestingly.

PanGu had commented about upcoming jailbreak that their focus is not developing any untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.1 or previous version update, but they’re seeing iOS 10.1.0 as stable version and thus, PanGu 10.1.0 can be out for iPhone 7.

PanGu iOS 10.1.0, may be a first ever free untethered jailbreak for iPhone 7 if PanGu can achieve that goal.

To add here, Luca has already achieved unthered jailbreak for iPhone 7 a while ago. And, to mention here, I would tell you that Luca won’t release any public jailbreak iOS 10.1.o,

We’re quit sure that Cydia 10.1.0 is ready for iPhone if PanGu goes on release for upcoming firmware. Now, it depends on you whether you wait for upcoming firmware or not.

But I would recommend to stay on last firmware update whether it would be iOS 10.0.4 or current iOS 10.1 for some time reason if you want jailbreak. I guess, PanGu would test their exploits on iOS 10.1.0 and if they get success they would release iOS 10.1.0 jailbreak otherwise you can see iOS 10.1 jailbreak.

Would you jailbreak iPhone?


Install Cydia Using OpenAppMkt or iNoCydia without jailbreak

How to download Cydia and install on your iPhone running on iOS 10.1 using iNoCydia or OpenAppMkt installer…

Whenever PanGu takes time to release jailbreak, users try to find some other quick ways to install Cydia without jailbreak.

In this case, iNoCydia and OpenAppMkt Cydia installer are most common and famous. You’d be surprise but these apps are HTML 5 web apps and can install couple of tweaks such as iFile, Siri tweaks and other jailbreak apps.

Most of those users who are new in jailbreaking often installs OpenAppMkt to get tweaks working on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. Open App MKT is just like iNoCydia but can install some more applications such as game emulator and iFile.

This is how iNoCydia, Mojo Installer and OpenAppMkt work on iOS particularly on those firmware which are not jailbreakable. If you wan’t to install Cydia using OpenAppMKT, Mojo Installer or iNoCydia, you need to download the installer app first.

Note: you must verify and make it trusted in order to install any Tweak or hack using iNoCydia or OpenAppMkt Cydia installer.

Follow some simple steps…

  1. Download OpenAppMkt or iNoCydia or Mojo Installer
  2. The second step should be installing one of these web apps.
  3. You need to trust the profile using Settings app because it won’t work without making it trusted.
  4. Done.

In most cases, users have complained that OpenAppMkt not working, iNoCydia not working, Mojo Installer not working and the common reason is that you’re not making them trusted using Settings app.

Note: Use PanGu 10.1 jailbreak instead of OpenAppMkt or any other quick tool to install Cydia in normal case because PanGu jailbreak is most trusted and working solution till yet.

Our comment form is open for guest too, you can comment and ask if it’s not working.

Would you install Cydia 10.1?

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Download iOS 10.1 IPSW For iPhone, The New Firmware Fixes Slow, Hanging Issues

iOS 10.1 Download Links for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 10.1 is released by Apple. I’ve upgraded to this new firmware update to test that older iPhone run better on this new firmware or not.

Unfortunately, iOS 10.1 doesn’t fix hanging issues while running on iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPod Touch 6G. The iOS 10 series works same on older devices which results in slower and hanging issues.

According to sources, iOS 10.1 download would be available very soon which may be possible update which can fix all of these issues.

Apple released iOS 10.1 within a short time after previous update which is focusing only on iPhone 7 cellular connectivity issues. It’s fixed now but none cares about older devices which are getting hanged running these highly advance firmware updates.

Downgrade iOS 10.1 if it’s not working properly

However, iOS 10.1 IPSW doesn’t exist yet for public which have been seen in the lab tests and recorded in Analytic stats. iOS 10.1 traffic is increasing very fast. The users who are coming with iOS 10.1 have iPhone in large number.

As iOS 10.1 is officially out as stable version for iPhone 7 and all older devices, if you want to download iOS 10.1, you can easily head to download links which is given below.

There are lot more things which can be possible for the upcoming iOS 10.1. We heard that Apple is working on Lock Screen widgets which are specially designed for iPhone 7 and here too older devices are victim.

If you’ve older iPhone which is running on iOS 10.1 or any previous version and facing hanging or any other issue, you can comment below and I’d try to give you possible working solution.

Would you download iOS 10.1 if it fixes hanging issues?

The Best Cydia Hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

How to Delete SnapChat Account, SnapChat++

Do you want to delete SnapChat account? Here are the steps…

Here are many users who want to Delete SnapChat account, but don’t know how to deactivate this account when they don’t need it any more.

It’s really interesting and tricky game to delete SnapChat account because it needs to be deactivate before deletion. Here are some detailed steps which can clear all your doubt and forward you to the right steps in order to deactivate and delete your SnapChat app account.

Note that these steps would teach you how to permanently delete SnapChat account forever. However, you can create SnapChat account again too.

How to Delete Snapchat Account

Here I’m gonna show you the steps to remove your SnapChat account forever. Follow me…

  1. You can use any web tool to access SnapChat website but I’d recommend Safari browser if you’re having iPhone and Google Chrome if you’re on Android operating system.
  2. Now, head to
  3. You must login to access your SnapChat account data, the account which you want to delete.
  4. There you’d found a big yellow button that says “Delete My Account”.
  5. There you must fill the credentials for the SnapChat account which you want to remove forever.
  6. Then, tap on “Continue” where you’d see “Account Deactivated” page.


Note: Your account would be deactivated for 30 days and after this period your SnapChat account would be deleted. You can reactivate and restore SnapChat account data any time during this 30 days time period.

Note that you can’t delete SnapChat account instantly, so be patient for 30 days and after that your social media account would be deleted.

Try SnapChat++ tweak and you’d forget about deleting SnapChat account.

Within this time, you can uninstall SnapChat app anytime you want and there’s no restrictions or waiting time available.

If you’ve any doubt or confusion, you can leave a single comment asking help for delete SnapChat account.


Downgrade 10.1, iPhone is Slow, Hangs and lot more…

How to Downgrade 10.1 running on iPhone…

I’ve personally used each and every iPhone and regularly update each of new firmware and most of the time I have to downgrade iOS if it doesn’t deliver good experience.

iOS 10.1 looks laggy. It’s slow and results hang up with apps crashing often. Finally decided to downgrade 10.1 to a lower stable version.

According to Apple, iOS 10.1 is released dedicated to iPhone 7 fixing network connectivity issues. If you were facing call drop or network issues, you shouldn’t wait and upgrade to iOS 10.1, but if you’ve upgraded to iOS 10.0.2 and not facing any network connectivity issues, stay away from iOS 10.1.

iOS 10.1 build 14A551 fixes cellular connectivity problems. If you’re Indian and facing Jio Sim connectivity errors, you should stay on iOS 10.1 because it fixes those issues. But, if you’re free from any cellular connectivity issues, downgrade iOS 10.1 to any iOS that suits you.

We tried and found iOS 10.0.2 was most stable and working firmware update in this new Era. For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it’s must to update iOS 10.1, but older devices may face slow and hanging experience.

You can easily downgrade 10.1

If you’re thinking to downgrade iOS 10.1, you should know how to put iPhone 7 into Recovery Mode, DFU mode because any time you may require to do DFU or Recovery mode.

Use Prometheus to downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 9.3.3 and jailbreak it

  1. Using macOS or Windows computer, update iTunes and Backup iOS 10.1.
  2. Download iOS 10.0.2 IPSW or iOS 9.3.3 IPSW whatever you want.
  3. Open iTunes and press Option key + Restore button if you are on macOS computer and if you’ve Windows, you can press Shift key.
  4. Here, you need to choose IPSW file that you’ve downloaded in the step 2.
  5. Follow on screen instructions.
  6. Done

System would downgrade 10.1 to any firmware you’ve choose while downgrading process. Once downgrade is complete, you need to setup your iPhone again and restore your contacts, messages from backup that you’ve performed earlier.

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Note: I use Google Drive to setup backup of my Messages, Call history, Contracts, Notes, WhatsAPP and many things.

If you’ve anything to ask, please comment below…